The Importance Of In House Showcases

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The Importance Of In House Showcases

What’s The Appeal Of A Showcase?

  • No judges
  • Non critical
  • Get to be center stage
  • Get to show your skills
  • Family and friends can come and support
  • You have a sense of achievement
  • Everyone is a different level of ability

Over the 7 years I have been poling my opinions of showcasing has changed quite a bit.

When I started training the school I attended NEVER had student showcases….. Ever!  They also never competed in any pole competitions and it wasn’t something that was discussed or encouraged with their students at all.

As the influence wasn’t there Showcasing wasn’t too important to me and my chance to show off my pole skills was either over a bottle of wine at my house or the local nightclub.

Since starting my own school it has been a real eye opener in the wonderful world of Pole and it amazes me that for so long I didn’t showcase my skills, or appreciate how important these moments were.

I now make every effort to encourage everyone at different levels of ability to showcase and even enter competitions.

This Year Our Showcase Was Fantastic!

Here is a testimonial from one of my students.

“Signing up to do the Christmas showcase from the safety of October seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the date loomed and reality kicked in, my bravery quickly diminished. What song should I choose? What should I wear? What if I forget my routine, and worst of all, what if I fall off?!

Without a doubt, my nerves reached their peak just before it was time to go on, but strangely enough, I was actually really eager just to get up there and do it. And once I got started, I loved it! In fact, I wanted to get back on and do it all again!

Taking part in the showcase provided a focus for pulling together all that I’d learnt after a year of pole fitness and it made me realise just how far I’d come. It also reminded me (not that I really needed it) what a supportive, great bunch of ladies I was lucky enough to be learning with. Stepping up on the night of the showcase was made all the easier knowing that everyone was backing me to do well, and I was equally proud of seeing my classmates enjoy their moment to shine.

There’s no doubt your first showcase is a nerve-racking experience, but with a little bit of chalk to counter your sweaty palms (!) and a lot of support from your teacher and classmates, it’s worth every second and will boost your confidence no end. If I hadn’t have taken part, I would have been kicking myself that I didn’t. In fact, bring on the next Christmas party showcase!”

By Lesley Wright Brown

I think Lesley really sums up how important in house showcases are and she gives a real insight into how it felt for her to take on this challenge.

I hope some of you readers now say yes at the next opportunity that comes your way….

Lisa x

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After my second child I decided to become a qualified instructor and I set up my Pole school, Totally Pole Dancing in 2010.

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