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The Ball Is Officially Rollin’

Hidey Hi!

Hope each and every one of you pole crazy people are well!

This is my second pole-diary entry – thanks to everyone who may have read my first one from last week! Once again, any feedback or comments or even hints and tips would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

It’s been all systems go this past week – my training is now in full swing and let’s just say it’s taken some getting used to! From having a break from pole / exercise in general to training at least three to four times a week. The studio and the gym are officially my second and third homes! I’ve taken up some new fitness classes at the gym also including circuit training and boxercise. In fact, I’ve got my first boxercise class tonight – looking forward to it, should be great for working up a sweat and burning some of those pesky calories – I’ll let you know how I get on next week!

As for pole – well we now have a pole at home! My flatmate who poles also has just installed one in our flat – and being the diamond she is has said I can use it too….which is exciting – at least I can get some practice in at home too! I’m on my way to mastering my nemesis… The Tammy. I’ve NEVER liked this move as I said in my last blog – but as I’ve been getting more practice in, it’s finally becoming less and less of a pain in the neck. (Or the inner thigh should I say?) – I’ve managed to film some footage from my pole class last Thursday so will be adding that to my video upload. (Still working on it folks!).

I’ve started to piece together my first routine – managed to think of a few move combos I want to throw in there including a trick set I’m working on at the moment…

Back hook spin / Invert / Gemini / Scorpio / Gemini / Skater / Butterfly / Dismount… It’s proving to be a challenge!! But I’ll nail it…hopefully sometime soon!

I can reveal my first song choice also for routine one! Drum roll please!…………….

I am using a Pussycat Dolls song called ‘Halo’…I stumbled across it on my commute to work – it’s not very well known as it wasn’t released as a single but I just think it’s got a good beat to it and it’s about the right kind of tempo I’m looking for – wanted something a bit slower so I’m able to focus more on the control of the moves. See this link and check it out – let me know what you think!

Between last Monday when I submitted my first blog entry and this Monday, I have lost an inch off my waist – which doesn’t sound all that impressive – but still it’s progress… I’ve still been maintaining a relatively healthy diet which is always difficult for me as I LOVE my fast food and my treats… (I do still allow myself a naughty McDonalds every now and again though – that’s my cheat meal! What’s life without rewards?) I am eating more protein now to help with muscle growth; I’m going mad on eggs at the moment – poached of course (much healthier than fried or scrambled). Also making sure my fibre levels are high (for metabolism and seeing off those hunger pangs) by just making sure I have a proper breakfast every morning – usually cornflakes or shredded wheat as they have low sugar content.

As for entering Miss Pole Dance 2013 – well it’s looking a bit doubtful at the moment… I’d have to enter as a beginner as by no means would I be advanced enough for the Semi-Pro heat, but as I’ve been pole dancing a little over a year, I may not be able to enter as its for people who have been pole dancing for less than a year, I’m kinda stuck in limbo basically. I need to have a proper chat about it with my teacher, Sally-Ann, get some advice off her – but if any of you guys can give some info that would also be grand!

But thankfully if worst comes to worst I still have two other comps I can enter…*phew*

At least it gives me more motivation to one day becoming ‘Semi-Pro’…one can hope!

‘Til next time Pole Freaks! MWAH xx 🙂


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About Abby 'Hooters' Hampton

Howdy to all my fellow pole lovers! And a big hello to everyone at!

First of all I want to say a BIG thank you for having me and for allowing me to blog away  :)

My name is Abby Hampton, I’m just your everyday pole dancer, I’m certainly no professional … I just like to think I’m a pro-in-the-making…(one can dream can’t they?)

I have been pole dancing for little over a year now; I would say I’m an ‘Intermediate’ student. My recent accomplishments are Aerial Inverts and Shoulder mounts (kind-of lol)

I attend Sally-Ann Giles’ Heart and Soul Pole Fitness School in Wolverhampton (near Birmingham).

As people of the pole world already know, Sally-Ann is a big name in the industry! Such a privilege to have her as a tutor and as a close friend, she is an INSPIRATION to me.

Okay so you are probably wondering why I’m here telling you all this… well I’m here to give like-minded pole dancers who are thinking about competing an insight into my day to day as I prepare for 2 possibly 3 upcoming UK competitions. And here’s the thing… I’ve NEVER competed before.

I will be submitting fortnightly videos and an on-going blog or ‘Pole Diary’ shall we say? Along the way I’ll be detailing my preparation for the competitions with in-studio footage, personal fitness regimes and even diet. I will need to get into competition-ready shape after all!! There will also be personal interviews and 1-2-1’s with the tutor herself and fellow students.

This will be a raw look at competition prep in the REAL world of pole dancing through the eyes of ‘Your Everyday Pole Dancer’.

I will be welcoming feedback and reviews. Any response will be appreciated!

Thank you for reading… Can’t wait to get started!! :-D ;-P


-Abby ‘Hooters’ Hampton

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