Strong Is The New Sexy

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Strong Is The New Sexy

I work with kids. More specifically, I work with kids in a behavioral healthcare setting. A word of wisdom – If you have ANY self esteem issues, stay away from kids. They’re brutally honest.

Add problems with impulsivity, lack of social skills and problems with respect, you have kids that manage to find your insecurities and broadcast them in neon lights.

Shoes don’t match? You’ll know. Have a pimple? Better cover it up. Feeling fat?

Welcome To My Full Time Job

Earlier this week an 11 year old boy implied I was fat. (I’m paraphrasing. He recently told a woman I work with she still looked pregnant, even though her son is 9 months old. This week he told her she lost weight. He could tell because she used to be my size, and was now smaller. As an educated, intelligent woman, I connected the dots and read between the lines.) I came home, collapsed into my couch and wallowed in self pity for the night. I woke up the next day pissed off. I was planning on working on my pole that night, and I missed out because I let an 11 year old boy control my emotions.

I took my first pole class about a year ago. I see people with before and after pictures and amazing body transformations, and I get jealous. My problem? I used to teach a cardio fitness class. (I won’t say the exercise program. I’m still licensed to teach and don’t want to burn any bridges.) I got burned out from it after teaching 5 classes a week, and found pole. My before picture was a cardio instructor.

If you know anything about exercise, you know that your body changes when you go from all cardio to strength training. Guess what? I got bigger. I gained weight. My back looks manly, I can do multiple pull ups without stopping, I can do aerial shoulder mounts, and I’m starting to work on my iron X.

Am I fat? Nope. Am I bigger than I was? Yep. Am I strong?

Hell Yes.

The problem with pole dancing is that we get bigger muscles. We get stronger. We may not always be a size 2. Our shoulders may look masculine in halter tops. The best pole dancers aren’t size 0 twigs.

I watch videos of Felix Cane on YouTube and read the comments of people calling her fat. That woman is incredible and super-human. What’s wrong with our society and this world that Felix Cane is called fat?

Pole dancing won’t make tiny, weak girls. We build muscle.

The day after the comment was made, I went through my pole dancing clips and found shoulder mounts, and made a video. When I was smaller and focused on cardio, I NEVER could have done this.

And you know what?

I’d Rather Be Strong Than Skinny.

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About Kenzie Morgan

I took my first dance class shortly after I could walk, and fell in love with the freedom of prancing around to music. I've continued dancing my whole life in various styles. I've done all of the classics like ballet, jazz, modern and tap, and soon ventured into ballroom and Latin. I even hula hoop!

I've been intrigued with pole dancing for a while, but there were no studios around me and I felt like it could be dangerous to learn on my own. About a year ago I saw a coupon online for a local pole studio that had just opened up, so I jumped on the opportunity. Within a month I had purchased my own pole, and a few months later I was asked to teach a class. I enjoy the dance side of things and the moves that can defy gravity.

Outside of pole dancing, I have my Master's Degree in Dance Therapy and currently work with children with behavioral and mental health concerns. I also have the world's best husband and cutest dog.

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  1. […] Sen finns det träningsformer som bygger mer muskler än andra, eller där man får ett visst utseen… Och tyngre. Och det är här det blir så fel om man bara fokuserar på siffrorna på vågen, eller storleken på kläderna. Det kan vara en bra indikator, men det behöver nödvändigtvis inte vara det. Hon skrev till och med att hon läst kommentarer om en av mina idoler, Felix Cane, hade blivit klassad som tjock! Nu får dom *** ta och ge sig.. Så visst, Strong is the new skinny är välkommet.. Eller Strong is the new sexy, som sagda pole-skribent skrev. […]

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