Strength & Flexibility Workouts For Pole Dancing

Version 2.0 Now Live!

We’re excited to announce the latest version of our Strength & Flexibility Workouts For Pole Dancing eBook. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and as a result this updated version of our popular eBook has more detailed exercise breakdowns, as well as new video demonstrations 🙂

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These specifically planned workouts are designed to help pole dancers build strength and develop flexibility, in order to improve their abilities on the pole.

While there are so many workout options available, we’ve put together these specific exercises and stretches to target the areas we as pole dancers know we need to work on.

  • Workout #1: Abdominal & Leg Strength
  • Workout #2: Abdominal & Upper Body Strength
  • Workout #3: Back Flexibility
  • Workout #4: Leg Flexibility

Each workout comes with full instructions, and all exercises are accompanied by video tutorials to ensure good technique.

Complete each of these off-the-pole workouts on a weekly basis to notice significant on-the-pole improvements!

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