Steps One & Two for Pole Competition Preparation

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Steps One & Two for Pole Competition Preparation

So I have decided to compete in the Atlantic Pole Competition(APC).

This will be my first pole competition. I am going to walk you through my process piece by piece sharing what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

If you are competing or thinking of competing this would be an awesome series of blog posts for you.

Step One

I start by doing research to see if/how you will qualify for the competition. I’ve done thorough  research via the competition rules and regulations to make sure I am choosing the category and level I belong in. Things to keep in mind are mandatory points of contact, the rules regarding inversions and move competitive correspondence

I will explain what each one of these things are: Mandatory points of contact are the parts of your body that are on the pole, for example in the photo above (inside leg hang) I have 3 points of contact: Torso, inner thigh and ankle. Some competitions like the APC have mandatory minimum points of contact, this is important because violation of these rules can lead to disqualification.

The rules regarding inversions may limit how you invert based on the level. Referring to the APC again, competing in certain levels prohibits you from aerial inversions and just as the rules regarding points of contact violation of these rules will result in a point deduction and can lead to disqualification.

Move competitive correspondence is accessing the rules to determine what moves are necessary for that level in order to ensure that you as a participant can be competitive. What helped to make my decision is basing my level and category on my current skill level and not my possible skill level. My goal is to have a competition piece that pushes me and yet one that I have a capability of making clean and precise. By choosing a level or category that is above your current level everything will henge on you making that assumed progression and if that progress isn’t made it can be very dangerous and it will cost you points.

Another way to gauge your qualification is by writing out all the moves you would like to do in competition that you can currently do along with the moves you would like to learn and put in your routine. This will give you a great evaluation of where you fit best. If all else fails I suggest consulting an instructor who knows your skill set. Based on my instructors suggestion I went with level 2 championship category.

Step Two

Choose a theme or a song, they usually go hand in hand.(chicken or the egg theory) I say go with whichever one feels natural and it will lead right into the next. I had a bit of a backwards experience because I chose my song which led directly into the choosing of my theme, then i changed my song but I ended up keeping my theme.

Word to the wise, choose a song that you absolutely love. You will be listening this song a million times. I think its best to stray far away from mainstream music. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to perform after someone has just performed your song. If you go the theme route than you can look at virtually anything for inspiration such as magazines, fashion shows, music videos, films, books, places…etc. You can also start by thinking about how you want people to feel during and after your performance. Thinking about what emotion you feel a strong connection to can help as well. Being creative is best in this area, you wanna stay away from cliché themes like love, hate, sensuality…etc. Thinking about a moment versus an emotion may help with originality. For the element of surprise I will be keeping my song and theme to myself. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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Melissa Butler or "Melly B." Is a college student, the co-founder of an art organization and a poler. She discovered the world of pole a little over a year ago and became fully addicted to pole about 6 months ago training at Foxy Fitness and Pole in NYC. As a child she has taken countless dance classes from Ballet to African. She also was a cheerleader in High school. This april she will be competing in her first pole competition, APC.

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  1. Daniela says:

    Thanks for posting this, in fact I’m competing for the first time in April in the Arnold Classic, so let me (us) know how you improve your routine and post your submission video if you can.

    • Melissa says:

      Thanx for reading, congrats on competing, i will share everything that comes into play when competing and i didn’t have to submit a video but i will shared my performance video when it is sent out to me.

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