Should I Perform? 6 Reasons To Say “Yes”

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Should I Perform? 6 Reasons To Say “Yes”

Paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “To perform or not to perform” – it often remains the question for many dancers. Some rush on stage after two weeks of classes, and others find excuses after 5 years of training.

The reasons against, or I’d say excuses, are various and never-ending: I’m in a bad shape, I’ve never performed, my technique isn’t good enough et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I’m strongly defending the “perform as much as you can” point of view; therefore, my answer to all those excuses is – so what? And so here are my 6 reasons to perform:

1. Your Technique Will Improve Drastically

Nothing will make you more motivated than an approaching Day X, when you’ll have to “show what you’ve got”. Having seen examples of astonishing dedication, when girls were ready to train day and night to polish their skills, I’m sure that nothing pulls you together as much as the inevitably approaching “moment of truth”.

2. Don’t Be Greedy – Share Something Positive

In the worst case the audience will have a good nasty laugh at your clumsy movements, in the best case they’ll be fascinated by your stunning performance. And I’m 146% sure it’ll be the latter case for you – the audience is very appreciative and thankful for those emotions you send from the stage.

Besides, don’t be egoistical – they may be your friends, relatives or other people who care for you sitting and waiting for you to come out. Their hearts stop from fear and pride every single moment you make a difficult trick. It’s too cruel to deprive them of these feelings.

3. Overcome Your Fears

If you’re serious about performing, you’ll always have shaking knees and “let-me-run-away” thoughts standing behind the curtains one minute prior to stepping in the spotlight. So, performing could be an awesome way to learn to resist one of the biggest stresses in the world – being the center of attention.

4. Strengthen Your Friendship With Pole-Mates

Working on a common project that you all love, really brings people together. So, if you want to make friends with your studio’s pole girls, never skip a chance to prepare together for performances.

5. Show-Off At Least Once In A Lifetime

Performing is a cool chance to demonstrate yourself to others from a totally different side that they’ve never seen before. Imagine the wow-effect they’ll have when they see a shy girl they used to know on stage spinning and dancing like they never could imagine – observing their eyes and mouths wide open with surprise and astonishment is just priceless.

6. Let Go And Enjoy

Performing can be a loooooooot of fun, if you just relax and let your emotions rule. Trust me, the more you give, the more you’ll get in return. Be an actress, be different, entertain the public and it’ll pay off with a burst of cheers and applause. After all, it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world to stand on stage and receive the well-deserved praise for months of hard work.

Surely, a lot more can be said in favor for than against performing; I guess in this case the only correct answer will be to quote a Russian poet Eduard Asadov (I haven’t found the official translation unfortunately):

“In all the matters with maximum difficulties

The result is always the same:

A desire to do something is thousands of opportunities,

And the lack of desire is thousands of reasons.”

It’s always up to you to decide… but somewhere deep in my heart I hope you will perform, and make videos, and put them on Youtube, and inspire us all.

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In 2013, in one of those moments when you decide to turn your life around 180, I stepped into a pole dance class. That night I couldn’t sleep because my whole body was aching like hell, but in the morning I knew – there was no coming back. Pole dancing has given me my dancing “career” back inspiring me, giving me strength and saying “yes, you can do it”. In normal life I’m a tremendously serious person working in a serious company, but as soon as I get to the class – woooo-hoooo – that’s where all the real fun begins. I wish there were more information about pole dancing in the Internet… but if you don’t do it, no one will, so I decided to start with myself and share everything I can and know.

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3 Comments to “Should I Perform? 6 Reasons To Say “Yes””

  1. Keren says:

    Love this! Thanks for writing!

    Another reason… (not to be morbid) the bodies and capabiltiies we have now are not guaranteed. Obviously we hope to stay healthy and uninjured, but things happen. If I were hurt in a car crash next year, and left unable to pole, I’d be wishing I took every chance to perform and have fun.

    Again, this is not a Debbie Downer kind of mentality! It’s a freeing, appreciate-what-you’re-capable-of-in-this-moment kinda thing (even if the tricks or execution aren’t “perfect”). 🙂

  2. Izz says:

    Hi Natalja, hi everyone!
    Yesterday I had my first litte performance on the summer-party of my pole-fitness club. We are divided into three levels (I am middle level what, in my club, basically means I passed the fear of hanging upside down 😉 ) and every level had a 2-4 minutes part on the poles. Therefore I saw the great improvements everyone made within only four weeks! We could bring our family members and friends to watch and, even if there were a few “blackouts” about the choreographie now and then, we heard from them they did hardly notice, because they where just stunned by the whole picture!
    I decided for myself to take your advice, Natalja, and perform as much as i can because I also realized, that I dropped every sport after a while if I didnt show my skills at least once a year! 😛

  3. NataljaG says:

    Keren, I totally agree with you – you never know what’s gonna happen, so it’s better to grab every opportunity you have.

    Hey Izz! I guess few of us get motivated enough by the results nobody else sees. What are your emotions after the performance? feeling happy, I hope? Good luck with further challenges! 🙂

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