Russian Layback

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Start off by inverting, then go into an outside leg hang, then a Viva/Jagged Edge position. Bring both hands above the outside leg, and swing your inside leg around the pole. Slot your inside leg into the gap above your outside leg to grip the pole with your foot. Use your outside leg hang grip and the pressure across the top of your inside foot to grip as you very SLOWLY lean back – bring both of your hands above your head so that you can bridge and arch your back; pushing your coccyx into the pole. Do not readjust your leg position at this stage as you will lose your grip. Make sure you are still squeezing tight with your outside leg. Once you are sure you are secure, and are pushing your bridge plus squeezing tightly with your outside leg, slowly bring your foot down and point to create a nice crossed leg shape. For information on dismounting, and for a fully illustrated tutorial check out

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