Progression: It’s A Slog!

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Progression: It’s A Slog!

Have you ever hit the wall? Whether it is with running, flexibility, writing even, I am sure you will understand what I mean when I say hitting the wall can seriously derail your efforts and motivation. I hit that wall just a couple weeks into my flexibility journey. Ok; it was all due to a holiday (I know I can’t complain) but what do you do when personal circumstances threaten your progression?

It’s Not A Threat

I started to worry. Two weeks away from my Cleo video, with very limited internet access; what was I going do? How was I going to continue with the workouts and stretches so I didn’t end up back at square one? Firstly; take a breath! It’s not the end of the world if things slow down a little, just so long as you make some time to do what matters to you. I reasoned with myself that I may not be able to do the whole schedule for the time I was away but I could focus on the stretches (the bits that really matter to me) and ensure that even if I didn’t make progress, I didn’t step back.


Committing to any fitness regime takes planning, even more so when you are out of your usual environment. I had to plan ahead to ensure that I could do my stretches while away. I took a crib sheet of notes as my memory isn’t great at times. I also had to make room in my suitcase for my work out gear. Stretching kit doesn’t require a lot of room, but if I was planning to run that means another pair of shoes to take! Looking back, comfy stretch clothes and a piece of paper aren’t a lot to prepare in order to stay on top of things.


If you are anything like me you will find that something urgently needs your attention when a scheduled workout comes around, obviously cleaning the oven is way more important…and sticking to your timetable while on holiday is even worse! With so many distractions around, like visiting family and sightseeing, fitting my stretching in felt like a mammoth task. The minute I stopped thinking about it like a chore though it became easier, just getting up a bit earlier in the day rather than having a lie in meant stretches were done before showering and then the day was mine. I must admit this way round worked out well as the walking about for the rest of the day kept me from stiffening up, compared to when I tried it before going to bed…John Wayne had nothing on me the following day!


Ultimately continuing on with your planned workout or flexibility schedule is up to you. At times I find it easy and other days it is incredibly hard to get my butt off the sofa. Finishing the workout though gives you a great sense of self accomplishment and satisfaction. Perhaps it’s all the endorphins whizzing around but I sure did feel great knowing I had done what I planned to do. It was also good to know that I wasn’t going to be back at square one when I got home. The thought of the pain at the beginning of my journey was well worth avoiding!

What Did I Learn?

The moral of my story, a little preparation can go a long way. Being the type A person I am the small amount of prep I did before going away meant that although I didn’t complete the full workouts I had planned, I did manage to keep myself on track and not fall off the wagon. That means this time there are no stretch progression photos, but hold me accountable for them in the next post!

On getting home I even made myself a schedule for the month which not only lists my stretching days but my pole classes and any other fitness activity that I want to fit in. Seeing it on the wall is my personal accountability, but that’s a story for another day!

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