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This is a topic that is very emotional for me to talk about so I’m just going to get on with it.

My name is Laura, I have been a pole addict for two and a half years now, I have been poling at Pole 4 Fitness in Hull since my addiction started. At first I started with a friend who only lasted two classes – pole just wasn’t for her, I was hooked from the first class. If it hadn’t been for my instructor Sue, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to show up every week on my own.

All the ladies in my class were lovely and I soon made friends. Slowly the ladies started to leave and new ladies started. I am the only original poler left in my class. The girls that joined my class are amazing and we now have a different instructor Penny, who happens to be one half of the Lincolnshire Doubles Champions 2013 🙂

Last November I found out I was pregnant after years of trying. I was devastated to be leaving pole behind for a year but so happy that I would be having a longed for baby. I rang my instructor to tell her I wouldn’t be back for a while and to explain why, Penny was so excited for me and we decided that the baby would be the new Monday night mascot 🙂 I promised I would pop and see them as we had all become great friends and I would miss my Monday night antics 🙂

Two weeks to the day later I’m sat at the hospital waiting for a scan as I knew something was wrong. Don’t ask me how I just knew, I naively thought I would be told everything was fine and I was just been paranoid. Unfortunately this isn’t what I was told. The nurse informed me that the foetus wasn’t developing as it should and it appeared as though it was an empty sack. As you can imagine I was devastated. I kept thinking ‘no you must have it wrong’. I had to go back a week later to have another scan just to check nothing had changed.

My Family And Friends Were Amazing

The owner of Pole 4 Fitness, Clare, had messaged me to ask if I wanted to have a look at her baby things before she took them to the charity shop. I messaged her back to tell her the bad news and the response I got warmed my heart. She said some amazing things and told me that if I ever needed to talk she would always be there.

I then messaged my instructor. I didn’t want to say anything out loud as I would be sobbing by the time I got the words out. Penny was fantastic again telling me she was there if I needed her, I was humbled by the kind words and support I received.

So back to the hospital a week later for the second scan, this confirmed the foetus hadn’t grown 🙁 I wont go into the details but I had an operation on the Friday to remove the foetus. My first thought after all of this had happened was ‘when can I go back to pole?’ People may think I’m strange for thinking this but I needed something that would make me feel better. My body had failed me in doing the most basic thing so I needed to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely useless.

Pole Was My Coping Mechanism

It made me look forward not back. I was back at pole two weeks after my operation, back in my same class. The ladies in my class had decided that as I had missed one whole level they would re-sit it for me!! I felt so special and wanted, and it didn’t take me long to get back into the swing of things but one class a week wasn’t cutting it.

I had considered competing before I fell pregnant so thought it would be a great distraction, so I entered the Lincolnshire Pole championships 2013 in the advanced category. I had about six weeks to get a routine together and perform it on stage! So the challenge was on.

Penny and another two instructors were also entering so we trained together a few times a week. The effort Penny and another instructor Lisa put into helping me was amazing, I honestly don’t think either of them realised how much they helped me. Clare was also very supportive, letting me train in a free studio and watching my routine. I was so nervous performing in front of Clare I was worried I would never make it onto the stage.

Clare later messaged me to tell me how well she thought I had done. This gave me the boost I needed to get myself on the stage. The crowd of members that came to watch and cheer us on was again humbling 🙂 I didn’t place at all in the competition but I did it! I got on stage and did my routine!! I did it to prove that I wasn’t completely useless.

Pole Dancing As An Addiction

Since February I have entered two other competition UKAPP and EPDC. I am also entering The Yorkshire Pole Championships.

Clare and Penny have been amazing giving up their time for me, to help me train and to give me pointers. They have also been my rocks. Clare has the most amazing way of making me feel better and the conversations we have had regarding my loss mean more to me then she will ever know. This lady is so strong, caring and most of all inspirational.

I honestly believe if I didn’t have pole dancing as an addiction I wouldn’t have made it through the other side as the person I was before. I used pole as my distraction and also to get some confidence back.

My body had failed me in a major way. Pole showed me that my body wasn’t all that bad, I could still pole and knock out tricks and build my strength. I could even put a routine together and perform on stage!!! So it cant be all that bad.

The club I train at isn’t just a gym or studio to me, its family 🙂 I would be lost without Pole 4 Fitness and the people that work and train there.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Pole 4 Fitness – Clare, Penny, Kim and Lisa.

Clare and Penny you are my rocks 🙂

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About Laura Ellis

I am 30 years old and work in an office full time, I have two dogs. My main passion in life is pole!!! I started pole in May 2012, I had wanted to start for years after a colleague at work has started pole, I was drawn to it but never had the courage to go on my own so I roped a friend in. She only went to two classes as pole wasn't for her. I stayed and have never looked back. I eat, drink and sleep pole.

I love to learn new tricks and I am always first to try a new trick. I love putting routines together but find it challenging as I am not a natural dancer. I have a pole at home and every chance I get I am practicing. My aim in life is to teach pole so that I can share the amazing feeling pole gives you. I love to spend time watching pole dancing on YouTube and am still amazed by the strength, flexibility, fluidity and elegance of all the pole dancers I watch. I train to build strength and flexibility to make my pole dancing look better.

I have made amazing friends and find the whole pole community inspiring and supportive!!!


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