Video: Heart of a Champion

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Video: Heart of a Champion

Ever wondered what it’s like to compete at a pole competition?

We created a short documentary to show the journey the beautiful women of Embody Pole Fitness went through during Pacific Pole Championships 2013!

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About Diana Boyle

Diana is a certified Pole Fitness Instructor, and Owner of Embody Pole Fitness and A native of Long Beach, CA, Diana started her lifelong love affair with fitness at an early age, training for sports. An athlete her entire life, she looks to continually improve and refine training. She enjoys alternative and conventional fitness, believing that by exposing oneself to different types of sports and fitness you become, not only a better athlete and in optimum physical condition, but a more well-rounded and happier person. Enjoying sports such as long distance trail running, kettlebell training, Crossfit, hiking, weight lifting, and of course, the loves of her life, pole dancing and aerial silks.

With Pole she discovered a life altering form of self-expression and creativity. So taken with this beautiful form of dance she decided to make a pivotal career change, she splits time between a promising IT consulting business as well as pursuing her passion for women’s fitness as a full-time venture. Since then she has rapidly become an elite fitness instructor and seeks to improve women's self-esteem by assuming a physically active lifestyle.

Always striving to reach and inspire more women Diana started Embody Pole Fitness as a fitness studio exclusively for women. Her influential combination of physical fitness, possession of amazing interpersonal communication skills and a strong base of fitness knowledge, have allowed Embody to become a place for women to come and play, to be themselves, to experience the glory, self-expression, challenge and sensuality that lies within each and every woman. A community of women, striving to support, challenge, inspire and rejoice in each other. Diana is an avid fitness and health blogger and currently blogs for, GalTime, MerchantCircle, and UPA, United Pole Artists, as well as Embody Pole Fitness.

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