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Pole Competitions

I recently attended a Pole Competition as a spectator not a competitor. This was the first year since this competition was launched in 2011 that I have not competed and I really enjoyed seeing it from the opposite side.

In previous years I have spent months of preparing, stressing and even dreaming about routines, outfits, and dance ability. This year was different as I was relaxed and just looking forward to a great evening of watching some great Pole Dancing routines. The competition also was slightly different and more similar to the National competitions using two poles; one static and one spinning.

The categories were as previous years Performer, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional and there is always something a little bit different from each category. It’s interesting to see what people will come up with and how creative they can be. This year included a Japanese style performance, a belly dancing routine, LED streamers and an Irish dance.

Being In The Audience This Year Made Me Think About What Everyone Gets From The Pole Competitions.

The first year I did a pole competition I loved every minute of it and was in my best shape by the time the competition arrived from training every week for hours. I only came 7th out of 12 but thought I’d done well for my first attempt and couldn’t wait to do it again.

After the competition in 2012 though I decided to temporarily retire from competitions until I improved on my tricks, strength and dance ability which is why this year I just went to watch and hopefully get some inspiration for the next pole competition I enter.

Girls always say to me that they could never do a competition as they “aren’t good enough” or “they’d be too nervous” well my advice to them is always the same, if you love Pole Dancing you are good enough because you have the passion to do your best and unless you are aiming to be amongst the best in the world you should always just try to improve on yesterday’s you, no one else!

Watching this year’s pole competition inspired me and I know I’m biased towards the girls I know but after watching them improve week by week over the last year it was brilliant to see their routines without having to do my own. It inspired me to work harder at my flexibility training and to strengthen moves by singling out certain muscles used and training them harder. I did notice the other side to pole competitions and the competitiveness between pole schools… everyone gets on and is equally impressed by each performance but you do support your own pole school and focus on cheering for the girls you train with. Pole competitions are also great for seeing new moves from the professionals and interesting combinations to try out ourselves.

I think sometimes life takes over and pole gets pushed to the back of your mind and it’s hard to get back the spark, my advice is to go to a competition or even just watch some amateur videos on YouTube. It will make you feel better and aim higher!

My aim for the next year is to become more flexible and to add something a little different to my next competition routine…so watch this space!!

Photograph courtesy of All Wales Pole Championships.

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Hi, I'm Sian and have been poling for 3 years.  I initially started as I was having a tough time and wanted to forget my worries with a new exciting hobby so decided to give pole a try!  I was instantly addicted, the instructors were lovely and very friendly and soon I had made friends with everyone in my class.

I work full time as well as doing a part time degree and so I fit pole in around my busy schedule.  I have competed in 3 competitions, 2 being National and I'm determined to train and compete once more next year before I turn 30!! I can't see me ever stopping Pole Dancing because its such good fitness and I LOVE it!!!

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