Pole and Coping with Unemployment

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Pole and Coping with Unemployment

So I graduated this summer. Hurray! Now before I proceed, graduating is one of my biggest achievements to date and I in no way regret any of my time at Uni even though the following may suggest otherwise.

At A level I was told that to get a good job you need to have a good degree. I was one of the lucky ones and had found my passion in life already: music. Ergo the logical decision was to go on studying music at University, which is exactly what I did and I loved it. I met some of the most inspiring, caring, hilarious people who I will be friends with for life. It is also where I discovered pole dancing, so really I owe my Uni a lot!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the kind of economy we are living in and that finding a job is hard nowadays but I thought I was smart and prepared for that. Well life bitch-slapped the crap out of me when I graduated.

So I graduated and I had two internships lined up straight after and then I, naively, thought that I’d land a job. Boom! Nope. You can most likely tell by now that I’m bitter but in my defence I was assured from A Level that I would get a good degree and then the University assured me I’d get a good job if I had the experience… I have both! But I digress, what I really want to discuss is the saving-grace that is Pole Fitness.

So we’ve established by now that I’m pissed that I can’t get a job, the negativity I feel is pretty soul crushing at times and life has a seriously bleak outlook right now. Normally, I’m pretty perky but unemployment is hard! So I’m living at home and joined my local pole school; Pole Perfect Fitness.

I spend most of my time there; I go to every lesson, I know pretty much all the girls and boys (yeah we have boys, success!) who go there and they all know me as the Kamikaze, but that is a story for another time. Pole Perfect Fitness has become my home from home and the people there have become like a second family, we all know each other’s goals and when one person succeeds, we all succeed. When I’m poling with these people I forget all my problems. The people at pole provide me with the support, comfort and encouragement I need, sure it’s all directed at pole but still it helps outside of pole too.

I am fairly sure that the people at my pole school don’t even realise how much they affect me. They put my problems into perspective, there are women at my pole class who have to contend with their own families and by their own families I mean their own children. I forget that these are women I am poling with not just other graduates; they have to juggle jobs (sometimes multiple jobs!) as well as looking after their children, sometimes single handedly! Then after all of that, they somehow have the energy to pole?! These people blow my mind, they are genuine superheroes.

The beauty of pole is that when you get it right, the sense of achievement is overwhelming and makes you feel like you can do anything. I mean we are defying gravity people, if I can do that then hells yeah I can get a job! The other good thing about pole is that when you fail you come back thinking ‘I’m going to nail that move next time’ and not that you want to give up.

The Pole Community is the best thing to ever have happened to me during my unemployment. It has opened my eyes and put my problems into perspective; it has brought me together with the best bunch of people you could ever hope to know and I am now in the best shape I have ever been in. Bonus!

As for the job, you’ll be happy to know I’ve managed to snag a Christmas temp job (phew!) and will continue to apply for the jobs I’d like to do full time. All I can do after that is continue to pole.

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About Izzy

Hi! I'm Izzy, recent music graduate and pole enthusiast. I've been pole dancing for about a year and a half now and honestly don't know how I survived without it before. I was first introduced to pole at Lancaster University through the pole society, I'm ashamed to say that I was hugely against pole before I started (which shocks me really as I'm normally very open minded!). When my friend dragged me along to a pole dance taster session I was so horrible and averse to the idea; looking back on it, part of the problem may have been that the day I had my pole taster session was the day I had the worst Tequila induced hang over of my life! May I now also point out that at this point in my life, I was completely averse to the idea of any kind of fitness. The thought of going to the gym filled me with horror and don't even get me started on jogging. Then I had my first taste of pole and life has never been the same. I am now a huge pole junkie and have even started looking at other forms of fitness and started eating healthily: miracles do happen!

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  1. Jujube says:

    It’s like you were writing this about me. I’m currently also going through unemployment, and anyone who’s gone through it will know how awful and unmotivating it can be. If I didn’t have pole classes to look forward to and pole achievements to celebrate, I’d be a sobbing mess. It is hard to think things will get better. But then you think about all the moves in pole you couldn’t get and then do, and it reminds you that NOTHING is impossible. Hopefully the new year will bring us BOTH the full time jobs of our dreams.

    • Izzy says:

      I’m glad you understand exactly what it’s like and how great pole is as a coping mechanism. The trick is to stay positive and remember that we can do whatever we put our minds to. Good luck and all the best for the future, let me know how it all goes!

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