Out Of Your Comfort Zone – And Onto The Pole

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Out Of Your Comfort Zone – And Onto The Pole

This image circulated on social media sites for a while. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and finding the magic in your life. It stuck with me. At the time I saw it as a metaphor for travel, searching for the adventure around the corner, getting gloriously lost in magical places far away. Nowadays, I think of pole dancing.

Everyone in the pole dancing community remembers the first time they do the Cross Knee Release. Or the Inverted Crucifix. Recently I had the chance to attempt the backwards Death Drop with the knee hang. I didn’t manage it, of course!

Why Not?

Was it for lack of strength? Maybe… my abs need some serious work! Was it bad technique? I doubt that… my trainer is excellent and I’m sure she wouldn’t have me doing something she didn’t think I was ready for. She was there when I did the Cross Knee Release last year, when I was yelling for her to “push me back up! Help, help!” and she didn’t because she, unlike me, knew I could do it alone, falling slowly into a handstand, which I had never done in my life before!


Fear is what makes us scream “Help! Help!” when hanging by our legs on a chrome pole. Fear is the unknown, the upside down, the strange, the unexplained, the uncomfortable, the painful, the illogical. Or for us pole dancers, almost everything we attempt in a pole class.

Does It Get Easier?

Does the fear go away? What replaces that fear? Will I ever stop worrying about falling and breaking my neck? How will I ever let go long enough to fall gracefully backwards into a Death Drop?

The answer is surely just by stepping out of my comfort zone… the size of which is directly linked to my embarrassingly low pain threshold. This makes a lot of pole moves very difficult for me. Knee holds? Ouch!!! Superman? I’m scared of not being able to hold myself, not to mention of ripping off part of my inner thighs…

I know something for sure though: the more time I spend on the pole, the higher I can climb without looking down in fear. Is that just because I’m stronger? Or because I’m getting to know my pole better?

It’s not my pole but myself. My body, my capabilities and my mental strength is growing as my comfort zone is expanding. Apparently, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Someday soon, Death Drop, Knee Holds and Superman, you will be mine!! And the pole life I’ve been dreaming of can begin…

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I’m a tea drinking, sun seeking, English teaching, pole dancing, cat loving blondie. I live in Marseille, France and I have been pole dancing for one year, on and off for the first six months, until I got my own pole and was hooked! After only a month of pole dancing at home I suffered a stroke (at 30!) and after a brief stop it’s now a full time addiction that kicks my ass and makes me feel great. Getting stronger everyday!

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  1. Vera says:

    Glad I see this post, I am in those move’s fear, my hand doesn’t seem to want to let go the pole doesn’t matter how much I willed it. I think it know subconsciously that I will fall, and then I did fall!! now I fear the fear when I tried to pole. Thank you for your encouragement.

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