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No Looking Back!

Good Day people of PoleFreaks!! Me, again! Apologies for the late blog – had a very busy bank holiday weekend and work has been somewhat manic since coming back after the long weekend – no rest for the wicked after all!

My Training

Well after a lovely weekend off (enjoying the sunshine and visiting safari parks ;-P) – I’m back to training this week…I’m definitely getting into the swing of things now! I’ve got a good training schedule going now…On Mondays I attend my Boxercise and Core Classes at the gym then on Tuesdays I have two hours of pole practice at the studio, on Wednesday I have an hour of pole then a circuits class at the gym (for cardio mainly), Thursday I have a pole strength and flexibility class and Friday morning I attend a short Boxercise class then every other week I’ll do a yoga class on the evening (for flexibility). Oh and another circuits class on the Saturday morning! (But that’s it honestly lol!) I then relax for the rest of the weekend haha (It’s much needed!).

The Boxercise class was very intense! Absolutely killed my arms and shoulders, I under estimated how tough it was going to be… I was a sweaty mess by the end of the class. It’s great for cardio and arm strength and even coordination! I’d definitely recommend it!


I’ve FINALLY mastered the Tammy Move at pole; I can now do it easily without too much huffing and puffing. I am currently working on my extended butterfly move and also ‘The Apprentice’… Its basically extended butterfly but with both heels resting on either side of the pole – great for building arm strength and getting used to holding up your own body weight.

As I said last week – I am finally starting to piece together my routine for my first competition – unfortunately I am not going to be able to enter MPD2013 as I am too advanced for the ‘Beginners’ category but then not advanced enough for the ‘Semi-Pro’ heat… 🙂 I was upset to hear I couldn’t do it but hey ho I still have two other competitions I can enter! First one being the Heart and Soul inter-school competition…We have been given a date for this….July 7th 2013! So I’ve got about 10 weeks to get my act together… I’ve been googling pole dance moves and going through the pole dance dictionary on this website for some inspiration also! I’ve literally just filled out the application form for this competition also, so no turning back now!

My Application Form

My Application Form

Someone asked me the other day what made me choose the song I’m using for the routine… As I revealed last week – I’m using The Pussycat Dolls song ‘Halo’… I chose this song as the lyrics are actually quite meaningful, it talks about being a normal girl who isn’t a perfect human being – she has flaws and she isn’t an angel but she is always true to herself and doesn’t change for anyone. I find that quite empowering. The song is also a lot slower than the one I chose for our Xmas showcase…which I am going to happily reveal to you this week! I am going to post the video onto the pole freaks Facebook and twitter page so feel free to watch and comment! 🙂

I have also started dancing in heels again, ready for the comp – I practice in heels in most of my classes so hopefully it will become second nature before the big day – quite funny how different it is dancing in heels… feels like you have extra weights on your feet lol!


Yuuup I’m still being good (kinda) and when I say kinda I mean I am still allowing myself a treat here and there… I have a new found love for Greek Yoghurt – much better for you then these ‘fat free’ yoghurts which are actually just full of sugar…Greek Yoghurt is all natural and although it is an acquired taste at first it can be a great midday snack with some fresh fruit thrown in there too like blueberries, raspberries or even just some grapes! Give it a go!

I’m going to end today’s blog with one of those feel good – motivational quotes:

When you feel like quitting – just think about why you started

And that’s it for now folks! Thanks for reading – see you next week!

Much Love as Always


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About Abby 'Hooters' Hampton

Howdy to all my fellow pole lovers! And a big hello to everyone at!

First of all I want to say a BIG thank you for having me and for allowing me to blog away  :)

My name is Abby Hampton, I’m just your everyday pole dancer, I’m certainly no professional … I just like to think I’m a pro-in-the-making…(one can dream can’t they?)

I have been pole dancing for little over a year now; I would say I’m an ‘Intermediate’ student. My recent accomplishments are Aerial Inverts and Shoulder mounts (kind-of lol)

I attend Sally-Ann Giles’ Heart and Soul Pole Fitness School in Wolverhampton (near Birmingham).

As people of the pole world already know, Sally-Ann is a big name in the industry! Such a privilege to have her as a tutor and as a close friend, she is an INSPIRATION to me.

Okay so you are probably wondering why I’m here telling you all this… well I’m here to give like-minded pole dancers who are thinking about competing an insight into my day to day as I prepare for 2 possibly 3 upcoming UK competitions. And here’s the thing… I’ve NEVER competed before.

I will be submitting fortnightly videos and an on-going blog or ‘Pole Diary’ shall we say? Along the way I’ll be detailing my preparation for the competitions with in-studio footage, personal fitness regimes and even diet. I will need to get into competition-ready shape after all!! There will also be personal interviews and 1-2-1’s with the tutor herself and fellow students.

This will be a raw look at competition prep in the REAL world of pole dancing through the eyes of ‘Your Everyday Pole Dancer’.

I will be welcoming feedback and reviews. Any response will be appreciated!

Thank you for reading… Can’t wait to get started!! :-D ;-P


-Abby ‘Hooters’ Hampton

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