My Pole Journey Begins

Good afternoon people of PoleFreaks! Although I have already gushed my thanks to the site for having me, I just want to say another special thanks to the people reading this now and for taking the time to follow my blog – really appreciate it!

Sooo this is my first entry!

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m currently sat at my desk at work on my break, writing this! I’m nursing a few aches and pains from the weekend, I’ve been taking a short ‘break’ from pole, well kinda just been taking it easy before the run up to competition season….Well there is no rest for the wicked so had to get back on it on Saturday!

I had a 121 with one of the assistant tutors from the Heart and Soul studio (My second home). It was tough going… hadn’t poled properly for about 2 weeks and let’s just say she didn’t go easy on me!! Straight into spin combos…and not just double spins…but triples and quadruples! I’m also trying to perfect a 5in1 at the moment also… I’ll get a video of that one up soon but at the moment I’m getting to my third move and the floor is already closing in on me quite quickly…so gotta work on that one! Then I went into back grab spin combos, I absolutely ADORE back grab but good lord I’m feeling it today… feel like I tried to pull my arm out its socket.

After that, we started on tricks, now my omen has got to be the Tammy move… I can do it (just about) but I don’t feel like I do it very gracefully…again I’ll be uploading a video of that so I can get some feedback…Other things I worked on were Extended Butterfly, Aerial Superman and then some dismounts and combos. After an hour my energy was sapping so decided to call it a day. Overall I was pleased with my efforts after having a couple of weeks off! But that was not all! I then had to attend two classes at my local gym…A Swiss ball class and then a TRX class – I will go into more detail about these exercises at a later date, as the techniques I use in them have helped greatly with my strength, especially in my core which as a result has helped fabulously with pole. So after another hour of hardship I was definitely ready to go home!

My Diet

I started my diet weekend just gone as well, now one thing I will make you all aware of is that I am a firm believer of ‘eat what you want, when you want, in moderation’. I’m all about curves and having a womanly figure, I’m not an eat-a-salad-everyday kinda girl. I’m going to be quite upfront and honest about what I eat and every now and again I will release a food diary but generally I think if you are getting plenty of exercise you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself! Just don’t go mad and be SENSIBLE. Easier said than done at times…espesh if you are at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet!

In Other News…

I have just received an email from the lovely people at Miss Pole Dance. They have sent through the application form for this years MPD Amateur heat. The deadline to get applications completed is May 17th… so gonna make a decision tonight as to whether I’m going to enter or not… I’ve got to review the guidelines etc… Other than MPD 2013, I’ve also got an in-house competition in July at our Studio, hosted by our tutor (my pole Mommy) Sally-Ann Giles. Then in August there is Pole2Pole. Thankfully I have chosen a potential routine song… More on that one next time 🙂 but on that note I better get my thinking cap on and start getting a routine put together!

I have done it before, well I’ve never competed but I’ve performed at the Heart and Soul Christmas ‘do. If I’m feeling brave I may upload the footage of my performance from that night. Please bare in mind that it was my first time getting up in front of people and I was so close to pulling out but I needed to do it for Sally-Ann and the other Heart and Soul girls….and that’s one of the reasons why I’m competing!

Anyhoo – I think I’ve waffled on a bit too much! I need to get back to work 🙂

Thanks again for listening to my ramblings – gonna be getting some footage for my first video upload this week coming… So stay tuned!!

Please feel free to comment / leave feedback…’Til next time PoleFreaks!


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