My First Time

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My First Time

I’ve been pole dancing for a few months now and can’t imagine going a week without getting on the pole. The cool feeling of the chrome beneath my hand as I throw myself into a flying body spiral is one of the most amazing sensations in the world. Now that I’ve been dancing for a little while I’ve come to expect all the bruises and strange aches, but when I first started that was all new territory.

I’m going to take you through the first month of pole dancing and all the unexpected experiences that go along with it.

My first session at the studio is one I’ll never forget. First off, my instructors were these beautiful women who oozed confidence and were completely socially acceptable women. I guess I had the common misconception that the studio would be kind of trashy and the instructors would be a little sketchy. However, my instructors were (and still are) extremely patient and wonderful people.

Also, I was extremely overdressed. I was wearing sweat pants and a tank top, which was fine for the first class because we didn’t do any climbing.

First class was an introduction to pole dancing. We learned simple moves like a step and hook. By the third class we started climbing, but to climb you had to have skin exposed so you could stick to the pole. Truthfully, the thought of attempting to climb in front of a group of girls I kind of knew was a little intimidating, let alone wearing booty shorts! But I just kept reminding myself that I was in a beginner class and that everyone else would be just as uncoordinated as I was.

The first time I managed to stick to the pole I had a mix of excitement and pain. I was so pleased that I had managed to stick, but I didn’t realize how much it would hurt! As the classes continued, I found that sticking to the pole hurt less, and it’s actually got to a point where I can just hold my sit position for as long as I need to. Also, by the end of my session I wasn’t bruising as much as I had in the beginning and my muscles weren’t aching as bad.

After my first session, I had a couple of weeks until the next session started up. Those few weeks were hard to get through. I missed the atmosphere of the studio and I missed the girls. As the days dragged by I noticed something strange, my body felt weird. My muscles felt like they were receding or recoiling from a lack of pole dancing. Everyday I stretched to keep that strange feeling at bay.

Then one day, while stretching my hip popped. I immediately stayed still in case I had hurt myself, but it was just my hip getting back into place. All my joints and muscles slowly returned to their placement, and then, that strange feeling went away. I knew that if I stopped stretching or didn’t keep my muscles warm, that strange sensation would return.

The moment my next pole session started and I was back on the pole, I felt amazing! My body remembered what it was supposed to do and my muscles felt awesome. I knew that at the end of my next session, I would have the same problem with my muscles acting strange, so I bought myself a pole.

Pole has become a huge part of my life. As often as I can, I’m out in my shed on my own pole, perfecting moves or putting together choreography. In the beginning all the bruises and aches were torture, but as I continued, each bruise became a lesson. The placements of each bruise acting as a map for me to know where to place my body on the pole. The beginning was tough, but I wouldn’t give up.

Pole had given me something that I was lacking, confidence. Sure I was getting an awesome work out and making new friends, but the confidence that pole gave me, is by far the best thing about pole dancing. Before I’d started pole I was a shy person, after doing pole for a few months, I’m the most confident I’ve ever been in my life! There’s something about swinging around on that pole and swaying your hips to sexy music, that makes the whole world melt away, because in that moment, you are the sexiest woman in the world.

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About Gemma Kowatch

I’m a 20 year old pole dancer, student, and knitter. I started dancing after a family friend went through a session and loved it. I tried pole once and was hooked! I had been working out in a gym for about 2 years prior to pole dancing.

I have scoliosis by my shoulder blades and was worried that the pole might aggravate it, but if anything, pole has healed my back.

Pole has given me so much confidence in myself, that when anyone starts talking about working out and how the gym isn’t working for them anymore, I immediately tell that person to try pole dancing. I think that every person (man or woman) should try pole dancing at least once.

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Awesome feeling, isn’t it? Good for you for finding confidence. I have found the same thing.
    The gum never worked for me. So thankful pole has! 🙂

  2. Stefanie says:


  3. Will S says:

    A new poler like me! I love your comment about knowing where to place your legs/arms depending on where the bruises are!

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