My First Three Months of Pole

So this whole pole thing may have gotten out of hand. What started as a hobby to replace the occasional trip to the gym has turned into something a lot larger.  Let’s recap shall we?

I joined Kent Pole Fitness (KPF) in September at the University of Kent, in the first term of my second year. I study German, but that’s irrelevant. Like I said above, I wanted something which did what going to the gym did, i.e. build muscle and tone, without actually going to the gym. So in three months, what have I accomplished?

  • I have moved through the levels from Beginner 1 to Intermediate 2.
  • I have had three pole-related Facebook profile pictures (rubbish butterfly, then normal butterfly, and then finally extended butterfly)
  • I have signed up to be part of the KPF Showcase in March 2014 (The theme is Fairytales and Legends)
  • I was named November’s ‘Poler of the Month’
  • and at the Christmas Meal the other week I was awarded the ‘Unexpectedly Graceful’ award
Telling someone that I do pole has become normal to me. It was never going to be a clandestine hobby of mine. I’m a naturally sociable person, and I wanted to tell people. It’s unusual, it’s weird, it’s wacky. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter

I’m not the only guy at KPF. Just by memory I can count at least ten guys who have regularly attended sessions. KPF had said at the beginning of the year that they were encouraging more guys to join, and a certain camaraderie has built up amongst the guys. Indeed, when the merchandise was finally delivered, there we all were, keen to be kitted out in the KPF vests.

I’ve made so many amazing friends from three months, and my only regret is that I didn’t join in my first year. I look forward to blogging more about pole especially on such a great forum in which to discuss it as Polefreaks

Keep poling!


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