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Music Matters

I’ve already written about the perks of pole dancing: the community spirit, the therapy, overcoming the fear factor, the increased strength (on and off the pole) and of course, music. Recently I discovered a music video that gave me goose bumps and made me so thankful that I have (pole) dance in my life: Sia’s Chandelier. Both the song and the video literally stopped me in my tracks, made me drop everything and dance. It got me thinking about music: without it there wouldn’t be pole dancing, or any other kind of dance.

The thing I love most about my non-pole dance days? Going through pole and dance videos shared via social media like Facebook and Youtube. Not only do they provide great inspiration for new moves, choreos, transitions (and outfits!) but they introduce me to so much new music and remind me of old music long forgotten.

And there are so many different kinds of music to pole to, sometimes it’s hard to start and just choose one!

My Favourites

Here are a few of my favourites to get me moving:

The ‘I just have to dance right now’ kind of music:

Sia – Chandelier

The long lost forgotten weepy:

Richard Marx – Hazard

The ‘throw your legs out and fly and imagine yourself dripping in gold’ dubstep song:

Flight Facilities (Adventure Club remix) – Crave you

The ‘being a stripper would be fun if it was always to this song’ song:

Michael Jackson – Dirty Diana

The ‘feeling alternative and slow’ song:

Alt-J – Tessellate

Pure rock n roll and sexy as hell:

Anything by Danzig (especially the song ‘Anything’!) Notice Alethea Austin in this vid!

The ‘look how far I’ve come’ song:

London Grammar – Strong

I hope you enjoy these… What are some of yours?!

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I’m a tea drinking, sun seeking, English teaching, pole dancing, cat loving blondie. I live in Marseille, France and I have been pole dancing for one year, on and off for the first six months, until I got my own pole and was hooked! After only a month of pole dancing at home I suffered a stroke (at 30!) and after a brief stop it’s now a full time addiction that kicks my ass and makes me feel great. Getting stronger everyday!

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2 Comments to “Music Matters”

  1. neo says:

    i looooooooooooove pole dancing!!!!!!!!
    i want to start and also be perfect as the girls on the videos, the are flexible and sooo sexy!!!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Its alot to do with music for me I have so many favourites, but dirty diana is a winner and black velvet by alana miles a stripper song without meaning to be lol. Went through your list I have adopted some as my own 🙂

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