Keep Your Pole Class Engaged

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Keep Your Pole Class Engaged

I’ve been teaching a beginner level pole class for over 4 years now, and while it may seem easy (and sometimes it is) that’s not necessarily the case.

The very new beginners are the easy ones. They are new and excited and haven’t done anything like this before.

The more experienced, (ready to move up in level) intermediate and higher level girls that come back for a refresher are the harder ones.

How do you teach them something new that is within the structured level and still keep them engaged? That is the issue I am coming across more and more often, especially as more competitions are coming up. Their spins may be lovely but there is generally always going to be something to improve on.

Transitions, facial expressions and BREATHING are the big ones.


Give them a new way to get to the floor or off the floor. Even putting the transitions they have seen and done a million times in a different order can give them something to work on and even inspire something new to come from it.

Facial Expression

This one sounds easy but it’s not for a lot of people. Most of us can be naturally cutesy or sexy. Give them the option to work on the one that feels more unnatural. It’s going to give them more music options and feeling in their performances and make t

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About Donna Bauer

Hi! My name is Donna and I am a very happily married pole dance instructor in Annapolis, Maryland.

I have done so many different things in life including florist, real estate agent, retail sales and many other things. I had always been looking for something that was fulfilling and I never found it until I was looking for a fun and engaging way to lose weight. That was when I found Xpose Fitness. That was in 2006. I was a client for 2.5 years and dropped 7 dress sizes.

When an opportunity came up for me to audition as an instructor for a new location I was terrified but I sucked it up and did it expecting to not get it. I did! 4 years later I'm still instructing and the assistant manager. I have finally found the job that I adore and look forward to going to every day! I'm so fortunate to be able to give other ladies the happiness and sense of accomplishment that was given to me. I have also branched out into my own small business decorating shoes (pole shoes of course) and have had pretty good success with it so far! I was chosen to make the official shoe for the Pole Play documentary and things just keep going up from there.

Pole has completely changed my life and I wouldn't give it up for anything. My goal for the future is to move to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with my husband and open my own studio. I could continue on forever about my love of pole but I think I'll save that for later!

Pole love forever, Donna B. xx

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