It’s All About Physical Strength… Isn’t It?!

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It’s All About Physical Strength… Isn’t It?!

Whether it is the first time you learn to invert, hang off the pole using one knee or realise that it’s time to start wearing those skimpy shorts at pole class… most of us will have experienced that feeling of  trepidation.

Whilst it is exciting learning something new and progressing to a more advanced level of pole, it can also be daunting, you may begin to ask yourself; can I really do that? What if I fall? Or get stuck upside down!?  Then of course, you hear that encouraging voice that comes from within… you begin to remember all you have learnt and how far you have come since reaching for that pole for the first time.

It is important to trust yourself when learning new moves, of course its natural to feel apprehensive and having moves aptly named the death lay and suicide spin often don’t help anxiety levels! But, joking aside… I feel  I do make a point when I say that yes, building your physical strength is going to help you become a better pole dancer, but I believe having an equally strong mind is just as important, you need to trust your body and be confident in your ability.

Pole has certainly brought to me a level of strength I never had before, both physically and mentally, for one thing, I no longer feel self conscious hanging upside down in my tiny shorts!

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Hi! My name is Sophie and I have had a passion for pole since 2011. I am self taught and love how pole brings together a combination of gymnastics and dance. Practice certainly makes perfect when it comes to pole and there is nothing better than that feeling of success you get when you have nailed the move that you once thought was impossible!

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