I Have A Dream

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I Have A Dream

Hi poledance-lovers,

Holly wrote me an email about my request being a blogger at polefreaks.com. I got the possibility to blog for you!! And I’m still a little excited about that. I’m soo honored to share my story with you.

I started pole dance last October. My very best friend took me to a pole dance workshop for my bachelorette party. And I looooved it. I think I can say that I got stuck to the pole. After that pole dance workshop I practised every Thursday in a pole dance school. Oh I was waiting for Thursday night so bad. On my way to work I watched pole dance tutorials and clips on YouTube and made myself a “wish-list” of the next moves I wanted to learn. I created a Facebook page to share my progress and there I wrote my goals.. TG Headspring, Ayesha, Jade, and all other figures…, and one day having an own studio :).

That wasn’t that good, I figured. After the next class I got asked what my goals are. So I answered. Because my mom told me to be honest. Well, that was to be my last pole dance class in this pole dance school. I GOT KICKED OUT! Just because I have a dream. That hurt so bad. And I was crying almost a week. I felt like someone broke up with me. I was soooooo sad!!! Do you know what feeling I mean?

But you know what? That didn’t stop me! I persuaded my husband into getting our own pole in our home. I practise on the pole almost every afternoon after our daughter falls asleep. I attend other pole dance classes or workshops in Berlin. YouTube is my personal coach by watching tutorials of EmotionCatcher, Dakota Fox or DirdyBirdy. I try to learn all moves by using PoleDanceDictonary and I stretch every day.

What’s My Message To You?

If you have a dream or a goal you really want to achive, believe in yourself! Everyone can do it. Now I am so proud of myself, ‘cuz I didn’t stop.

At the end it probably was good that I got kicked out. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Your Mary K.

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About MaRy Lu

Hey poledance-lovers,

I'm Marie (31yrs old) and I love love love pole dancing!! How do I know? Well, just because! :)

I started pole dance in October 2012. My very best friend took me to a pole dance workshop for my bachelorette party. And I looooved it. I think I can say that I got stuck to the pole (literally).

Before I found my new addiction I was a hip hop dancer for about ten years. I always loved to dance and move to the music, but something was missing. Now I know. It was the challenge of doing something really spectacular! And that combines pole dancing. For me, it is WORKOUT, ACROBATICS and like a relationship to the pole.

I want everyone to know what an amazing sport pole dancing is. And therefore, I want to have an own studio - one day!

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4 Comments to “I Have A Dream”

  1. louisiane says:

    Wait so you get kicked out just because your dream is to get good at pole dancing and day having your own studio ? that’s insane !

  2. Crystal says:

    I love your story. It’s stories like these that motivated myself and a girlfriend of mine to start a page accessing Free Pole Fitness. It’s so amazing you wrote this piece, because there are more women in this situation than you think. We understand that thousands of women either have no access to a pole studio, or just don’t want to/or can’t go to one’s available. The Pole Dictionary and You Tube are great access to pole fitness, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were in one spot for you to access. Well they are! Vertical Unlimited on Facebook……..providing free access to all things pole fitness by two pole professionals. This is not a business, we volunteer our time..Poling for Passion NOT Profit!

  3. Marie K says:

    Thank you so much girls!! I’m really happy that my artical encouraged so many of you!!
    Keep on poling, no matter what happens.

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