Help4Heroes Pole Dance Calender

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Help4Heroes Pole Dance Calender

The idea for making a pole dance calendar came about after reading about a touring production of Calendar Girls. I was reminded how brilliant the concept was and thought it would be a real opportunity to raise funds for a fabulous cause, as well as raising the profile of pole dance/fitness and attempting to change the public perception!

I mentioned it to the girls at the pole studio where I dance, and they all thought it was a brilliant concept and lots of them wanted to get involved and appear in it. Help4Heroes was an obvious charity choice as some of the girls have partners in the forces, including myself, and we wanted to do our bit to support them.

Once the idea had been broached with people, I felt that this was something that I had to follow through, but really didn’t know where to start, as I have never done fund raising or anything like this before! I quickly realised that I would need funds to cover printing, so started sending letters out to companies asking if they would be prepared to help sponsor the calendar. I knew that I wanted the calendar military themed, and I knew that I wanted the models wearing a take on military attire. It would have been very easy to purely do a pole calendar with girls wearing nice underwear, and I know a charity calendar like that would be a real seller, but I wanted to get away from that perception that pole and skimpy underwear come hand in hand. I therefore approached suppliers of military clothing, and after several badgering phone calls and letters, Denbigh Army Surplus agreed to meet with me, discuss my ideas and offered to help with uniform, props and very importantly, contact details of a team of designers who were willing to help.

Taz from Polexposure was recruited to take our calendar shots one bright April morning. Everybody knew what moves they were doing and the shoot passed by without incident, it was just me who was a nervous wreck on the day, I just wanted everything to be perfect! Video footage and extra behind the scenes photos were taken, as I wanted to create a video for you tube to highlight what we were doing. I contacted the local press and they covered the story, asking if anybody would be willing to sponsor a page. Progress was slow in gaining sponsorship so i could cover print costs. People really didn’t want to be associated with a pole dance calendar. This made me quite cross, and more determined to make the whole idea happen. I roped in the girls to take part in bag packing, and some of them donated money themselves to raise the print funds, until finally we had enough to pay for 1000 A3- sized calendars to be printed.

Our fabulous design team created something wonderful with our initial set of pictures, adding letters from those serving on Operations abroad, along with crayon drawings from children of serving personnel. Their vision and expertise in adding little extras really have made this item something special.

Now, nearly a year after the initial idea, our calendar is printed and is ready to sell. A launch night has been arranged for the end of the month and the calendars are proving popular already. We are aiming to sell all 1000 calendars, for just £5.00 each. Every penny of that £5.00 will go straight to H4H.

This has been a challenge, but one that has given brilliant rewards.

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About Virginia Williams

I started pole dancing aged 38 (and slightly overweight) as I wanted to do something a little different. I've never been a gym bunny as every time I've been near the gym people never looked like they were enjoying themselves!! I've always loved dancing, and thought Pole sounded like my kind of thing....

From my first lesson I was hooked, changing gear the morning after my first class was the most painful thing ever!, I used muscles that I never realised I had.

Progress has been slow, I've been scared of falling and it took me about 3 months to learn to climb, even longer to invert for the first time, but perseverance and excellent teaching have got me there!!

I'm 39+1 now, and still loving pole (although don't get there as often as I would like!). I have made some wonderful friends, and found my confidence again after many years. I've made some huge changes in my personal life, and really can say that life has begun at 40!!

Help4Heroes Charity Pole Dance Calendar

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