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Good Evening people of PoleFreaks! I am writing this weeks blog at my lovely boyfriends house, I have had a few days off work so my daytimes have been filled up with training in the gym and in the studio.

I also have a POLE PHOTOSHOOT on Sunday so I have been preparing for that – deciding on poses and outfits!! I’m so very excited!……….. 😀

I chose my outfits yesterday morning; I’m going for super sexy outfits – red and blacks, big hair, bold make-up and killer heels. I will be kind enough to let you see some of the snaps once they have been edited and uploaded!

This week has been pretty extreme on the training and I’m taking a day off today. My inner thighs, bum and quads are absolutely wrecked, I have a very odd walk about me at the moment! And I’ve got Boxercise early morning tomorrow… (At half past 6 in the morning shall I add?!)

My Training

So yeah EXTREME is definitely the word of this week, my training seems to have upped the ante ever so slightly – there has been a lot of circuit training, working especially on my legs and core. I am doing weighted squats and lunges using a bar held across my shoulders. I just keep thinking about the ‘pertness’ I shall achieve!

Thankfully, I am starting to see results – no I’m still not quite of Wonder Woman standards but the definition is coming along, in my arms, abs and leg muscles. 7 weeks until my competition now so just gotta stick at it!

I’ve also realised that I definitely need to put more time into stretching and toning correctly as I think this is why I am so very sore today! I think my muscles need tender loving care! I will hopefully be starting yoga classes again soon – not only will it help with stretching and flexibility but also my focus and relaxation.


I hope you all enjoyed Sally-Ann’s video that I uploaded last week, as I explained – my vision is to be strong, sexy and empowering. I may not have the cred of the pole professionals but I still wish to inspire, even if it’s only on a small scale.

A few people left comments on my video upload of my Xmas performance and thankfully people seemed to enjoy it! I am proud of it, and the weeks of stress and preparation were all worth it once the music stopped playing.

I just want to feel that again after this competition, I want to be happy with all the work I’ve done and as long as I’m proud of my performance, the result will be welcomed, whatever it is. As the studio promotes – as long as I put my heart and soul into my performance, I will always feel like a winner on the inside.

I mentioned last week that I picked up details about the other competition I wish to enter, the FREESTYLE ENTERTAINER 2013. I read through the rules and guidelines the other day and I am actually quite looking forward to entering – this competition is all about the performance and creating a show for the audience, with all the tassels, bows and sequins thrown in. There is no limitation!


My Diet

As you can see from the pictures I have been a busy bee this week, especially with getting my nutrition officially in order. I took a trip to Aldi on Monday and stocked up on grub!

Firstly, for breakfast I have opted for a VERY large box of cornflakes (33% Extra Free!!) as they are high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and iron. A bowl tends to keep me going for a good couple of hours and now I rely on my morning bowl of cereal. I also bought crumpets as a treat. 😉

I stocked up on plenty of fruit and veg – I try to mix up my fruit choices as I do tend to get bored (and it keeps things interesting), this week I went for bananas and peaches! I like to make salads and include them in meals so remembered to pick up some lettuce leaves, peppers etc…Peppers are also a good source of vitamin C!

For pudding, I chose Greek Yoghurt, which as I may have mentioned before is a better alternative to LOW FAT yoghurts which are full of sugar and additives. Quick tip, Greek yoghurt is an acquired taste so why not throw in some fresh fruit to sweeten the mix… 😉

And there’s your nutrition class for the week peeps!For snacking, I’ve gone with raw nuts (no, not Nobby’s or KPs!). I’ve recently discovered that roasted in the shell pistachio nuts are fantastic! I can’t stop munching on them…and good news is they are full of good fats, fibre and protein!

Let us hope this healthy lifestyle pays off!! 🙂

But for now I need to say nighty night as it’s time for bed and for me to rest my weary bones…I have an early dentist appointment tomorrow morning AND THEN more trainingggggggg!!!

Wish me luck! 🙂 See you next week!


“We Can Eat Like Kings If We Train Like Gladiators!”

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