Going It Alone: Self Taught Pole Dance

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Going It Alone: Self Taught Pole Dance

When I first took an interest in pole, I decided to do a little research on it. I knew I would love it and once I was armed with my new pole I got straight into it.

I didn’t know of any instructors in my area so I only had myself to teach me!

I learnt how to do the fireman and front hook spin on the first day, I soon practised most evenings and felt pleased in the progress I made. It then came to the time for me to learn how to invert…this felt like an impossible task, I practised over and over again until I got it.

This was the first time I realised that practice will get you to the place you are heading towards. I continued to teach myself new moves  for a couple of years, then I moved to a new area and found an instructor.

I decided to go to a pole class to see if I was missing something. I enjoyed it and it was a nice feeling to know that amongst these lovely new pole girls, I had taught myself to a level they were aiming for, I remembered how I felt the first time I started pole and how impossible everything seemed. I continued to teach myself and only went to pole class a couple of times throughout that year. I then found a different class to try…it was closer to home so it made sense, and the instructor was amazing.

I went there… only twice. It wasn’t possible to go regularly and I realised that I liked the feeling of teaching myself , I felt a greater sense of achievement and enjoyed spending time breaking down each move to then practice until I got it right.

Disadvantages of Training Alone

I feel that being self taught does have its disadvantages though, I don’t have a spotter (unless you’re counting my husband who has one eye on the football and another eye on me!)

I am the only one I can question when I am struggling to get a move, with an instructor you have the opinion and expertise of another person….one who has already been there before you. I also have very little space to pole in my house and frequently experience that feeling of ceiling envy every time I watch a video clip taken in a studio where someone is happily climbing up their seemingly never ending pole.

I will go to pole class again, I feel that having an instructor does benefit you and you can gain a lot from their knowledge and expertise, but for now it will just be me and my pole!

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About Sophie Burton

Hi! My name is Sophie and I have had a passion for pole since 2011. I am self taught and love how pole brings together a combination of gymnastics and dance. Practice certainly makes perfect when it comes to pole and there is nothing better than that feeling of success you get when you have nailed the move that you once thought was impossible!

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  1. Yes, learning at home has both advantages and disadvantages. It might be more difficult to learn new moves but you also get a better sense of accomplishment when you finally get it. I think it appeals a lot to introvert people who feel most comfortable practicing on their own. You have complete freedom in what you want to practice, how long you want to practice and what kind of music you want practice it to. In class you always have to conform a little and do what you are told. Other students are always a distraction because you can’t help but look around and compare yourself to others, which often leads to some kind of strange jelousy and frustration. You don’t have this problem at home because you are totally focused on yourself. So, I completely understand people who like to practice alone.

    • Bonney says:

      Hi Sophie ,
      After about 5 or 6 years I am getting back on the dance pole. I was a self taught pole dancer for an Adult entertainment company for about 4 and half years. I think it is harder for an self taught pole dancer because you do not have the support of a teacher or other students to help you when needed.
      I am turning 40 this year and live out in the country a few hours away from the city, I have no choice but to teach myself again. I will have pole dance tutorials from the internet which will make things a lot easier now and this time plenty of time to practice. I will have start from the beginning where flexibility is concerned even thou I am fairly fit.
      Right now as I am typing I am waiting for my new portable dance pole to be delivered. I can still climb and hang upside down I know because when I am at the park with my kids I climb the fire mans pole lol.
      In a few months time i will be able to teach basics hopefully,

  2. Maria says:

    Just don’t forget the warm up then you should be fine, good luck

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