Giving Your First Lap Dance Or Your Millionth

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Giving Your First Lap Dance Or Your Millionth

Giving your first lap dance or your millionth lap dance, setting the stage and feeling sexy are so important.

There’s this guy, he’s amazing, and you want to show him how sexy you can be and how much you adore him. You want him to want you.

Embody has some great tips to set the stage for a perfect lap dance.


Can’t emphasize this enough: Confidence is sexy. Exuding confidence is a huge turn on, for him and for you! Here’s a few confidence building tips that will bring out your sexy beast:


Good posture is an immediate confidence indicator. Most people with low self-confidence tend to have very bad posture habits, such as slouching. Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, keep your head up, and don’t fidget! Lift your chin and pull your body up from the sternum. A confident, sexy walk will do wonders for how you feel about yourself, this will translate into how much sexy you can bring to your dance.

Make Eye Contact

Eyes truly are the mirror into the human soul. Your eyes are your most powerful attribute when giving a lap dance. Many of us don’t look directly into the eyes of the person we’re speaking to, let alone the person we are giving a lap dance to! Trust me, this is a huge part of having that confident sexy persona. It also lets your partner know this dance is for them.


Smiling is another easy way to appear more confident. Smile even if you don’t feel like smiling… or “fake it until you make it”! It’s easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, but smiling will naturally make you more approachable and sexy. Keeping that sexy little smile going while you’re dancing will make you irresistible. Plus, research shows that people who smile more live a happier and longer life!

Look Your Best

Confidence truly has nothing to do with physical appearance, but looking your best will make you feel more confident and your partner will sense this from you. This means eating right, exercising and taking care of your body!  This is especially true when you’re giving your lap dance!

Ok, let’s break this down a little:


The clothing should be something you can easily slip out of, or better, something you can use to tease during the dance. A button down shirt with sexy lingerie underneath is perfect.


A must! Men are visual creatures and they want to see you looking your best and sexy for this amazing dance! A pair of sexy shoes brings out the best in every leg. Check out Pleaser Shoes, they are the perfect lap dance shoe, sexy, with a platform, making it a little easier to walk.


“The nectar of the Gods” I’m a big wine fan! I think one small glass before your dance is an absolute must, it will loosen your inhibitions and a tiny bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone! However, I must emphasize the ‘small’ – although a sloppy drunken lap dance can be fun too, generally “looking your best” and being drunk don’t mix.

Let’s Talk About The Setting


The song can really set the tone of your dance. Pick a song that makes you feel sexy or a song that means something to you both.


Practice makes perfect! I practiced weeks before I gave my very first lap dance. I was SO nervous! When it was go time, my panicked brain forgot everything, but my body didn’t. Get those moves into muscle memory and your body won’t fail you. I recommend finding a friend you can practice on. It’s a whole different world when there is a person sitting in the chair.


Soooo important! You’re trying on clothes at Victoria’s Secret, you turn and look at your backside, ARHGG! You scream, the sales girl comes running over, “What’s wrong?” she asks. “Something terrible has attached itself to my backside, it wasn’t there when I left the house!!” you cry to her. You’re a victim of Bad Lighting! Don’t let this happen to you! Set the stage with candles, black light or very low sexy lighting. As an added benefit for us older broods, low lighting will smooth out your face, giving you a more youthful appearance.

It’s Go Time!

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