Getting Into The Pole Zone

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Getting Into The Pole Zone

How Do You Get In The Pole Zone?

Is it a particular Warm Up?

Is it a special Song?

Do you have a Signature Move that makes you feel fab?

A student’s first foray into the Pole world can be daunting, they may well be nervous for many reasons; not least, the standard prejudices linking this form of exercise to a sleazy club could be flying around in their heads despite their better judgement and all the explanations we, as instructors or students, may try to give.

Most of us have been in that place, taking that first step, some of us standing in the doorway wondering just how we managed to find ourselves outside a Pole Fitness/Dancing class.

After a few classes, it does, of course, get easier but for those of us without a dance or fitness background; it can take a long time to feel comfortable with the sense of vulnerability that comes from being on a pole, one person at a time. Sometimes, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak; body issues and one’s own history all play a part in whether a student can let go enough to really learn, even the basic, moves.

The best instructors can help a student to work at their own level and bring out their strengths regardless of the starting point of their ability, flexibility and fitness levels but with many and varied personalities in each class, is there an easier way?

Princess K - Karen CurrieFor me, it’s simple; I’ve often had to tap into my Alter Ego, Princess K, to get me through those times when I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. My Alter Ego will always try what I won’t, do what I can’t; she’s not as self-conscious, not as worried about what people think. She’s the braver version of Me!

I think it’s the same for a lot of us. Some of us have often made the most of that inner, more confident version of ourselves.

For others, it’s a new concept but it is a useful one!

I encourage students to start thinking about who they might want their Alter Ego personality to be, as soon as they begin coming regularly to classes. After a while, they seem to change as they walk in the room – nervousness is replaced with a ‘Can Do’ attitude and a ready willingness to have a go!

Unless Pole Fitness/Dancing is your day job, then you probably have to switch in and out of your Pole life. By day, you may be working in an office, serving at tables, teaching in schools; but then the night-time comes around and you’re someone that your day-time colleagues may barely recognise.

Princess K - Karen CurrieAs you shimmy round the pole, body waving your sassy socks off – regardless of whether you’re learning Pole Fitness or Pole Dancing, I defy you to say that you aren’t connecting with your more confident, saucier self. She’s the one who could learn to perform, possibly even compete; she’s the one who really wants to feel good about herself; she’s the one who is strong and she knows it – she’s proud of all that, and she’s not afraid to say so either.

Once you’ve attended enough classes to achieve those pesky Inverts – a must once you’re hooked – then something changes; you do feel empowered and your Alter Ego can raise her head during your day-time hours on occasion – I’ve seen it happen. Students sometimes get their sassy pants on, way before class starts!

For all the controversy about whether Pole Fitness/Dancing is positive, or detrimental, for women’s liberation and the many other arguments about it; one thing I know personally, is that I have certainly found an inner strength since I started to learn this fabulous form of exercise!

Wouldn’t it be great if your Alter Ego was fully in charge sometimes though, what else could you achieve if you thought you couldn’t fail!

What’s your Alter Ego called?

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About Karen Currie

Hi, I'm Karen aka Princess K - wife to Ian; mum to Adam, 25, and Tassia, 22; step mum to Vicky, 23, and Adam, 21, - yes, we both had sons called Adam!

I'm a slightly more mature Pole Fitness Instructor having started my love of all things Spinning and Inverting about 5 years ago at the tender age of 45 - yes, that makes me 50 now and I do wish I had 'discovered' Pole Fitness much earlier!

By day, Ian and I run our construction company when I'm usually to be found suited and booted working in the office or onsite; it's all relatively 'sensible' and I'm naturally rather shy but it's by night that I unleash my Alter Ego, Princess K - she's the one who steps out of her comfort zone, finds her Inner Diva and 'has a go'.

I started learning Pole Fitness after the traditional hen party experience, however unlike most women, I would not 'have a go' at the time and I regretted it once the night was over. I was quite disappointed in myself at not wanting to step out of my comfort zone at that time - I was 45, what was I afraid of?

Well, with those feelings of self consciousness still very apparent, I went along to one class just to see what the fuss was about and, like many others before and after me, I was hooked at that first session. I loved the strength I developed, the tone in my upper body and the confidence that came from learning this new skill - it became my Cheeky Little Secret - I even felt that I walked a little taller which is a great benefit when you're under 5 foot, like I am!

Feeling that there was a definite need in my area for Pole Fitness classes that offered a non-judgemental atmosphere for women, and men, who may have felt just like I did; I decided to learn all the necessary skills to open my own school. I took my ETM (Exercise to Music) qualification in 2009 and followed that with Vertical Dance qualifications having added to my training with many and varied Masterclasses and courses ever since. Princess K Fitness started teaching its first students in November 2009.

With classes in Chichester, Waterlooville and Portsmouth; we now run 8 sessions each week with 5 instructors - all fully qualified and insured. We host Masterclasses and Workshops, and introduced Burlesque Workshops to our schedule in 2012.

I've developed some great relationships through Pole Fitness - working with other 'polers' up and down the country has been incredibly rewarding and many students have now become my friends, too. The ethos of our school promotes a supportive environment for students to learn in and as a result some great friendships have been formed - an added benefit alongside the fitness!

We are having great fun helping other women and men to step out of their comfort zones and giggle themselves fitter - we encourage everyone to develop their Pole Doll name and unleash their own Alter Ego - you never know when you might be able use it in your day job too!


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