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I had a similar experience with the TG handspring however it was with my top wrist probably because it is so twisted. It started off feeling very weird and then got very painful. It started to affect other moves that did not have a twisted grip.

I was lucky because the first time I did it I was still at uni so I just took 4 months off pole and by the time I got back it was fine. However I now have a recurring injury, it will come and go sometimes because of TG and other times not. I just have to be careful and try to avoid doing too much on it. Also since it was my top wrist I practised other handspring grips instead.

The video looks good though. I didn’t really do anything for mind so that is very helpful. Hope your wrist gets better soon!

I wonder if it would help to try experimenting with where your bottom hand is for example moving your bottom hand lower in your handspring. I find that some of my students doing TG have a really narrow grip which could put more pressure on the lower wrist and shoulder, it might not work- but worth a try!