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Don’t get downhearted about it, I’ve been poling for 2.5 years now and have recently experienced the same injury – also through inverting. I spoke with my instructor and realised my invert technique wasn’t quite right, I was allowing my arms to extend when i should have kept my shoulders engaged and arms slightly bent, pulling down to lift my body up like you would for a chin up. Every time I allowed my arms to extend it made my back curve and strained it – particularly my trapezium muscle which is a big wing shaped muscle that sits below your shoulder blade.  For me it almost felt like I’d broken a rib at the back just under my shoulder blade at the bottom, and then it radiated pain around my side to the front of my chest which hurt when I breathed deeply. I rested for few days and was prescribed anti inflammatory tablets, but booking an appointment with a qualified physiotherapist did the trick. Once the knots are out of your back, ask your instructor to watch you invert and give you pointers on your technique so you can iron  out the bad habits and prevent your injury from returning. You may feel your ‘wing’ grumble for a while but you should get past it in a couple of weeks.