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Right il try and keep this short lol….saw an amazing physo…the actual reason for this type of injury where you have very sore ribs top of spine and a hard to pin point but very painful back of under the shoulder pain ….the cause is weak or non existant lower scapular stabilisers ….. thoough it has a few names effectively you have one big  muscle attached to the top of your spine then running  over and attaching too your bottom ribs with a shoulder blade plonked on top of it …when your shoulder gives out it takes all this down with the ship …you may not feel your shoulder ….(below it) is particualary the problem but if you are like me it was definitly the cause of it…..

one way to be sure is to see a good physio…do not let a physio crack your back it has caused me so much pain in an already injured area!!!!

A good physio will be able to tell you if you have poor stabilisers….if you do there are a few exercises you can do to strenthen them…untill they are srtong you will have re occurant injury in this area as the pressure of pole moves are way to much to have the chance to build this area only damage it if weak

it wouldnt do any pole dancer any harm to research scapular push ups and exercises …they are very simple and you hardly notice youre doing anything but you are i started them yesterday and feel today i did too many lol but its an area ive not felt a muscle talking to me before so id say ive reached the problem area at least 🙂

Also note that at the top of your spine is the thoratic spine which is a part of the breathing process you may have found you have breathing problems with this type of injury …i did its not nice …..

Anyway off to work on having the strongest lower scapular stabilisers i can get 🙂

theres some good info here