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Hi I went to have a massage the practitioner a phsio said the only thing that would help me was

for her to crack my back which she did and it was immensely painful she did it a second time without warning !!! My back has been very painful every since on top of my pole injury !!!

Be very careful … I should have have just taken 3-4 weeks off all my sports pursuits hind sight is a great thing … I am now enforcing rest iv been referred by my drs but in the mean time I’m going to try another physio as il be waiting a while for an NHS one …just someone who can massage away the pain for a few hrs would be good

i think I hurt my I upper back shoulder and ribs not particularly by the inverts  but by the slow dismounts ie v shape legs slowly to the floor …. This i read is when the weight is placed on the upper back muscles which there made more for fine motor skills movements and need careful building to attempt such weight bearing moves which I did  alot of that lesson

id say to anyone if you get pain in this area rest it …if you start to feel strangely nauseous like I did and do thats a sign its bad go to the drs get referred to physio and don’t do anything till you’ve seen someone. I know you’ll get told don’t be inactive do what you normally do but be carefull etc and long term I undertand that but I know if be better if I’d done nothing for 3-4 weeks …. What I normally do is pole ride horses spin weight lift and run aswell as normal life … Everyone’s normal is different so rest as in potter about then lie down then potter about etc

im nowhere closer to getting rid of this injury iv exercised through to a point where breathing is the most painfull thing on earth …. It’s been about 8 wks now and I am now going to nothing till someone who knows what they’re doing tells me what I’ve done 🙁

il let you know …