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hi im having this problem aswell 🙁 3 weeks ago i did alot more inverts than usual the next day tender sore ribs on the left side and hard to breath stabbing pain etc. i went to a physio who cracked my back i dont think that worked at all except for the fact my back hurt so much i was forced to rest and have a week off pole i only do an hr a week i saw a pt and started some back shoulder strength lifts then pole but i was pretty careful pain was still there ..the week after inverting brought me back to square one ..i know i need more upper body shoulder back strength i have alot of arm strength from working with horses i actually think this works against me as the arms can lift so well  but theres nothing to back them up at that crucial moment of invert look at changing my technique after reading your comments i hadnt thought of that .. im going to rest it for now iv tried carrying on regardless but its not working i have found wearing a corset just my stretchy shapewear type one helps as does my riding body protecter and volteral gel …its very frustrating as soon as the pain has gone im going to get myself some more muscles in the gym !!!