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Thanks for the response.  It’s nice to know that these same type of injuries happen to more experienced pole dancers (not that I’m glad you injured yourself)!!   Its been more than a couple of weeks and I’m still not recovered, but I do think it is getting better.  Sneezing is not near as painful as before.  I am doing a lot of upper body strength training to improve my overall strength for when I finally get back on the pole.  I just miss it so much and I am so ready to move forward, but I need to wait it out.  I suspect that my instructors would not be of much help, since they didn’t teach us proper technique to begin with, and never really understood why I was having these problems.  I have since read so much online that I now know my technique (or lack thereof) was the cause of my injury.  For the time being our studio is closed down due to landlord issues, but I do have my own pole at home and when I’m feeling stronger I’ll try again.  In the meantime I am working on building strength and flexibility and hope that it will all be better soon.  Thanks again for your input.