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Hi I’m still recovering …. The above still stands and il be strengthing my scapulars etc when I can get back to it. Ive been properly resting as in hardly moving for two weeks now since I found out my ribs on the left side have actually moved … They are partially dislocated in a crowded together way from the pole hold … They take a while to move back and lots of rest …luckily I got myself referred to a muscle skeletal physio and kept the appointment even when I thought I knew what had happened . Turns out ribs can move and they don’t need to move much I’m talking millimetres !! To cause emmense pain and a long recovery muscles don’t take this long I’m wondering if your problem was dislodged ribs also .. Anyway I’m mighty peed off with missing out on everything but complete rest seems to be working …. Really not sure if I can carry on with pole I can’t afford to be out of action for months 🙁