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Don’t feel discouraged – everyone progresses at their own speed.  You are doing the right thing by taking your time as you are building a sound foundation for the more advanced moves and building your strength at the same time which you really need later on.  I have had moves that its taken me over a year to get and many more that I have been trying for far longer and still not mastered.  Enjoy your time at pole and try not to compare yourself to others.  While mild competition can be good if you are motivated that way, I have found it to be more beneficial to be competitive with myself.  Take pictures or videos of your practice regulary and review them and I’m sure you’ll start to see your progress.  I set myself little tasks like trying to straighten my legs further in the jade splits or push out further in my extended butterfly or even get lower in the splits.  I take pictures each week and compare them to the previous ones.  Its amazing the progress you see when you are tracking it.