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Thank you so much for responding!!!

YES!!! This describes exactly what happened to me!  You are exactly right, at first I thought I just overused my muscles and they were just sore but the pain got worse since my workout routine did not change.  I thought the popping was maybe a joint in my hip.

I stopped seeing a chiropractor since it wasn’t helping.  I got x-rays, showed nothing so then I saw a physical therapist for a month.  We stopped since it wasn’t helping.  She referred me to a hip/sports medicine physician to do an ultrasound to see what’s going on.

I am fairly confident that I have tears on both hammies….boo!!!

No one has told me to rest completely so I’m still active (barre, running, pole) but I try to limit myself right now.  I avoid certain stretches for sure!  It’s so hard for me to not be active so I’m trying to not do everything 100%.  And of course I have a physically active job which includes a lot of walking and manual labor 🙂

I’m super anxious to see what the ultrasounds show since this has been going on for months.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.