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Hey!   Stay off of it!! … I know it’s hard!

This injury is super prevalent in my studio. You put little tears in your tendon/ upper hamstring that connects your hammy to your sit bone. I did this to both hammys at different times.  The popping is your muscle tearing.  I’m sure you felt as though it didn’t hurt at first, just muscle fatigue, soreness. But if you push it, there will be sharper and sharper pain, and your recovery will be a lot longer and harder.  You will just have to let it heal.  Since this was posted about a month ago, your doctor might have told you this already.  Use a heating pad and light massage (no ice!). Your biggest challenge will to keep the scar tissue down.  That is my problem right now.  After it heals, the scar tissue will keep it from fully stretching so for me… I’m getting the Graston technique which breaks up the scar tissue.  Massage, heat, graston, kinesio  tape and slow stretching.  I’m sorry, but the road to recovery is a long one… 4 months to 1 1/2 year depending on your course of treatment, how bad the injury was.  My hamstrings have been the bain of my poling for the last 3 years.  I hope yours gets better faster. 🙂  but whatever you do… don’t push it for a couple of month.