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Che’mar Micou


I’ve also been having the same issue with my left elbow as well. In my case it flares up when I try to do the split grip. I got it checked out by the doctor and she told me that I’d developed tennis elbow and that since the elbow I’m having trouble with is my weaker arm, then I may be hyperextending it when I do certain moves; in my case anything that requires the split grip. She gave had me on Mobic (an anti-inflammatory) for about two weeks and told me to rest it. No pole moves with spit grip, no weight lifting, etc. After the two weeks of Mobic and about a week of resting it she gave me a wrap that really helped. I opted to purchase a slightly more expensive wrap and that has worked wonders for me! When I know I’m going to try a move that would normally agitate it,  I take an ibuprofen, wrap the problem elbow and I’m good to go! If these resources aren’t available I’d still take the ibuprofen before you start your work out but try to ice it as often as possible. Hope this helps! Happy Poling!!