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You certainly could make your own static pole pretty easily but a spinning pole requires bearings (or some other device that allows it to spin freely) and that could be very difficult.

The price that professional poles cost reflects the years of research and development, helpful staff and marketing that have gone into bringing their product to market, not to mention the fact that if you fall and hurt yourself when your homemade pole malfunctions you’ve only yourself to blame, in the unlikely event that you were injured because of a fault with equipment sold by a professional manufacturer you can rely on their public liability insurance.

If you can’t afford a brand new one try looking for a pre-loved pole on auction sites or classified ads but be careful there are plenty of fakes around so I’d say remember “if something seems to good to be true it probably is”. ┬áNever buy a pole with plastic parts – they may seem a cheap option but they will not withstand the pressure of tricks and spins and inevitably break quickly.

Hope this helps.