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Holly Munson

Hi Sarah,

I went along to the Miss Pole Dance comp last year – I wanted to see what a competition would be like, before I entered one myself. I can only give you a spectators point of view, but hope it helps!

I found that this competition was very well organised and in a beautiful location.

With most competitions you can go in early and go over your routine on the actual poles, which is a great help.

The most important thing with a Pole Competition is to follow the rules:

With the Amateur Comp there are only certain moves that you are allowed to do – even if you are more advanced. I would think carefully about your routine and try and make it memorable and stand out. Also remember that although you can’t invert you can do more advanced tricks without breaking these rules. These competitions are fitness based, which is very important to remember when considering your costume and routine.

The best thing I can suggest is to have a look on YouTube for last years videos of the competition as a lot of them will be up there to give you more of an idea of the standard – and look out for last years winner 🙂