Feels Like A Spin Pole

So today I went shopping, and I guess a pole dancer’s shopping routine ends up being a little bit different from the rest of the girls. I say this ‘cause rather than spending my money on shoes or miniskirts, I bought ankle warmers (Bolivia is getting colder) some warm up leggings (unlike the leggings you go out with these ones are pyjama like, with flowers) and of course… the mini short.

Although I was effectively shopping I couldn’t help to realize how frustrated I felt since probably next week it’ll be my second week without pole-ing. I have contracted the worst ever kind of sickness for us polefreaks and that my friends is called labyrinthitis.

What’s that?… I know, I know… let me shed some light upon this rare disease for ya’ll… according to Wikipedia: Labyrinthitis is an ailment of the inner ear and a form of unilateral vestibular dysfunction. It derives its name from the labyrinths that house the vestibular system, which senses changes in head position. Labyrinthitis can cause balance disorders, vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Well, Those Balance Disorders?

Not so good. But the real reason I bring this up is because they remind of my first experience almost a year ago when I started the wonderful discipline of pole dancing. I didn’t have any kind of illnesses back then but I was as uncoordinated then as I am now with the labyr-whatever-fml-thitis. I started pole dancing when me and my boyfriend were “taking a break” back then, of course, I thought that the whole taking a break thing was a bunch of BS. So I decided to give a shot at something I had never tried before (and if I might add, was very interested in, but when I asked my good ol’ Dad that to pay for pole he told me to f-off “that’s for strippers!”). Anyway, I had the money, I had the interest, was heartbroken and in need of an ego boost so I called, I went and didn’t conquer.

When I got there, I saw my pole instructor, she had (has, and they all have) the body of a champion and I thought to myself “well aren’t you in the wrong place?” I have never, ever been strong, nor flexible, nor fit nor nothing, in fact, at Sunday mornings I like to sing “I am the walrus” ‘cause I was one, I’d laugh in the face of fitness and diet. Even as a little girl I was different, more like a nerd instead of being that kind of child running around and doing stuff.

But, as you can be guessing by now, I decided to stay. I stared myself in the mirror, looked myself in the eye and said “you may be a walrus, but you be an all climbing, all dancing walrus”. When I got back with my oh so pretty boyfriend, he was impressed with what I had accomplished, also very proud ‘cause I finally had found something that I like (and ‘cause I got off my ass, lost some weight and actually got a little bit stronger). When I look back on those days when I thought that I couldn’t do anything and that maybe my body was built in some sort of a different way which made me incapable of achieving beautiful stuff, I realized that I was just dumb, and that I hadn’t found what I liked up to that point. I wasn’t passionate about anything enough to make me push my boundaries. Maybe it’s pole itself which holds that kind of power, or maybe you just gotta find what you’re built for. Just keep in mind that if you don’t try, and push yourself (like I have done with other disciplines) you won’t ever know. I am now looking forward to getting better, ’cause I feel like I’m stacking up dust since I’m not up on my precious pole, well, wasn’t I in the right place?

Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. My lovely Bianca… I can’t describe how proud i’m for you!! Reading you so motivated, so happy, so full of energy, so thankful!, makes me smile and nod at myself saying: “this had to happen”… I can’t wait to see you pole dancing and shinning!! I’m so happy that with pole dancing you’ve found a place for both Biancas and specially for leaving your frustrations and negative thoughts, that’s the biggest achivment!
    And last but not least, i’m sooo happy about you writing in a new Blog now, as a guest!! Yay!!!
    I love you soooo much my lil sister 🙂

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