Featured PoleFreak: Leah Bachman

Probably about 30% of my day is spent on Studio Veena, Pole Freaks, or other poler-based websites. I pole 5 times a week, as well. I think “freak” is an understatement at this point, but I’ll take it graciously!

Featured PoleFreak: Leah Bachman

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12 Comments to “Featured PoleFreak: Leah Bachman”

  1. Starkey says:

    Your Jade is so Awesome and Flat!

  2. Lala says:

    Look how kick ass she is!!

  3. Little lulu says:

    I hope you win girly! Good luck! You are the best!!!

  4. tyler says:

    Her jade is so awesome and flat

  5. Go Leah! You continue to inspire me in so many ways, for that you definitely deserve this win. *Crossing my fingers*

  6. Amber Ness says:

    You are amazing!

  7. Sir Phil says:

    Holy crap how is this even possible! IMPOSSIBRU! Perfection

  8. Nic Nac says:


    She wins, Hands down.
    No one can compare to her.

  9. Necro says:

    This jade is incredible; I think it’s easy to say Leah deserves the win.

  10. Becky s says:

    Amazing such a pretty flat jade 🙂

  11. krissykiki says:

    Leah always inspires me in many ways. She is truly a dedicated poler and I know she would utilize the prize. Good luck Leah!

  12. azblanco says:

    Intelligent girl and always utilizes every resource to grow as a poler. She is unique and works hard to be her best in pole. She deserves this and i would love to see her win!

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