Featured PoleFreak: Elena Melena

I took me some reflection to decide if I pass for a PoleFreak. When doing something 12 hours/week it starts feeling normal after a while!

  • Poling every day? Yes! If not in the studio then at home
  • Spontaneous urge to check on my flexibility anywhere if no one can see me
  • Any piece of music is tested by” how well will it suite for a routine?”
  • Underwear and shoes go through the pole censor
  • Planning vacations so that there is a pole studio around

Enough to say that my family and non-pole friends think I am crazy!

Featured PoleFreak: Elena Melena

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2 Comments to “Featured PoleFreak: Elena Melena”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Certified Pole Freak !! : )

    • Elena Melena says:

      Thanks Stephanie! Being called a freak is not something I would have appreciated in the not so long past ago. But now I take it as a compliment!!!

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