Banana Split Inside Elbow Grip

Banana Split Inside Elbow Grip

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Start by inverting, then go into a secure outside leg hang, gripping tightly with your outside leg. Bring both hands above your outside leg and swing your inside leg around to the front of the pole without losing your leg hang grip. Hook your leg into a knee genie position; hold on with your least dominant arm, to support you whilst you drop your back so that your top leg is gripping the pole at your ankle. Once the top leg is secure, straighten out your bottom leg taking care not to rotate too much (you can do this by engaging your core and ensuring a tight elbow grip). Bring your least dominant arm off the pole and rest it upon your dominant arm for added security, or take it off…finally, strike a demure pose! For a full illustrated guide and information on dismounting, check out the full photo tutorial at

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