8 Things That You Didn’t Know Before Entering A Pole Dance Class

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8 Things That You Didn’t Know Before Entering A Pole Dance Class

Where I live, people know almost nothing about pole dancing. That’s why my dad nearly fainted when I told him I’d go to the pole dancing studio. He called me a stripper and wanted to lock me at home and never to let out this “shame of the family”. Fortunately, I was over 18 and nothing could stop me.

Although I had seen several videos on YouTube and knew that pole dancing was a hard sport, I was unprepared and couldn’t even imagine what was waiting ahead.

That’s why now, almost a year later, I’ve decided to share those things that came as a total surprise for me:

1. It Actually Spins

My friends keep breaking their brains trying to guess how the heck I manage to hold on to the pole, spin and never fall down neglecting all the laws of physics and physiology. If they only asked me once how this bloody thing worked, they’d got the answers – it spins. Yes-yes, us pole dancers only wish they had superpowers, but we don’t. So we admit – the pole spins on its own, sometimes, that’s the secret. Boring and easy like every solved mystery, right?

2. No Pain-No Gain

And this phrase fully describes what you have to go through to make even the simplest tricks, not even speaking of all that impossible stuff that pros do. I’m sure there’re some lucky people with zero-sensitive skin, but I’m definitely not one of them. As a result – after two seconds on the pole in a beautiful pose you fall off it with a loud scream and immediately concentrate on massaging and blowing on the burning skin, and obviously cursing all the pole’s ancestors and promising yourself never to do that again.

3. Feel Like A Leopard

Not because you’re fast and beautiful but because you’ll be covered with bruises. And don’t even hope that it’ll pass – it won’t. So either dress in an abaya or just learn to live with it. By the way, everybody will never stop asking who beats you up in such a violent way, so be sure to prepare a blood curdling story compromising your boyfriend.

4. Feel Like A Teenage Boy

Your hands will be covered with calluses. Sorry to say… but you’ll never get rid of those as well. So try to accept the changes with all the Christian humility that you have.

5. You ARE Clumsy

No matter how elegant and gracious you are in life, forget about it when you step in the pole class for the first time. Can you imagine a hippopotamus trying to climb a thin birch? Well… sorry to disappoint, but that’s exactly how you’ll look like for the next several months or even years.

6. Dry Skin Is The New Sexy

Forget about body lotions and hand creams – these are not for you anymore, cause they make you slide down the pole and land on your butt (if you’re lucky, if unlucky – on your head). From now on your best friends are grips – leave the diamonds to the smart girls, who don’t torture their bodies.

7. There’s Still Hope Left For Your Skin

Don’t be too upset by giving up all your well-smelling creams. You still have a great chance to apply lots of other gels on your skin at least twice a day – anti-bruise gel, anti-muscle-pain gel, super-scratch-healing gel and so on.

8. Once In – Never Out

In addition to all the above mentioned horrors, pole dancing is a drug that causes addiction from the first try. If you fall in love with it, if you make the first step into this world – there’s no coming back. You’ll go through all of the pain and failures to finally see your smiling reflection in the mirror: happy about your achievements and proud of not giving up in the most difficult moments.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want pole dancing to enter your life cause it’s really difficult and challenging, and I guess it isn’t an easy path to go along. As for me… it’s my joy, my will to move on, my inspiration and my life, which I want to share with the world.

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In 2013, in one of those moments when you decide to turn your life around 180, I stepped into a pole dance class. That night I couldn’t sleep because my whole body was aching like hell, but in the morning I knew – there was no coming back. Pole dancing has given me my dancing “career” back inspiring me, giving me strength and saying “yes, you can do it”. In normal life I’m a tremendously serious person working in a serious company, but as soon as I get to the class – woooo-hoooo – that’s where all the real fun begins. I wish there were more information about pole dancing in the Internet… but if you don’t do it, no one will, so I decided to start with myself and share everything I can and know.

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10 Comments to “8 Things That You Didn’t Know Before Entering A Pole Dance Class”

  1. Christina says:

    Hmmm, I have been poling for almost two years and I can disagree with a lot of those statements.

  2. Natalja says:

    I don’t claim all these points to be 100% true and I obviously exaggerated some of them. In the end, it’s only my personal opinion, I’d be happy to hear yours.

  3. Noel says:

    You genuinely made me lol. I’m fairly new at poling, but I ran into all of these obstacles. I’ll be sure to show this to anyone that may be curious. This post shines a light on the reality of it. Thanks

  4. Clothdragon says:

    Leopard strikes a chord in me. My bruises often come in small finger-tip sized spots.

  5. Keri says:

    These made me smile. Being a new poler…..less than a year….I can attest to all of these in one way or another. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  6. Analee says:

    Actually you can forget about dry skin. Nivea In shower. Actually having dry skin makes you more slippery, to grip better your skin needs to be healthy and dry skin is not.

  7. Mariana says:

    Love it! <3

  8. Stuart says:

    They’re not bruises – My Wife calls them ‘Pole Kisses’ 🙂
    Superb excercise, we now have a pole at home as well that gets used (unlike the bike, treadmill etc etc etc), mainly because you cannot hang clothes on a pole, so may as well use it like it was meant to be, for perfoming Gymnastics on a stick…

  9. Eva says:

    Love it! I completely agree with you! BTW I am a leopard 😉

  10. Lyna says:

    Don’t forget feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck, after a day of intense pole work. I’m about seven months into it, and instead of taking a class – like a smart person, I bought a pole and am learning at home, from youtube.

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