3 Tips To Improve Pole Flexibility & Stretching

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3 Tips To Improve Pole Flexibility & Stretching

As far as I can tell, every Pole Dancer wants to be more flexible. I have yet to have a conversation with a Pole Dancer who says “nah, I don’t want to be able to do the splits”!

Flexibility is an important part of our repertoire. Plus it looks really cool when you can whip out a Jade Splits or even a Banana Splits!

Below are three powerful tips and tricks that will help you become more flexible.

Do please note that I’m not a flexibility expert, I’m a Pole Dancer like you, drawing on personal experiences  sharing what has helped me hugely. If at any point anything feels wrong or hurts, stop!

1: Work Towards A Goal

I know, seems kind of silly right? Some of you are reading this and going “goal? I just want to be more bendy!” And that’s a great start, but then you have nothing specific to aspire to.

Without having a particular move in mind, you have no end result, and then you’ll just be stuck in a stretching rut.

The move doesn’t even have to be a move on the pole, your goal to be simply to get into the splits or manage a bridge from standing. If you have an end goal, then you can reach that goal and when you reach that goal, you can make another one.

I love this video (not pole specific, but never mind). I wish I’d worked on flexibility at his age!

2: Warm Up Before Your Stretch

When you start any kind of stretching, you have to warm up first. When your body and muscles are warm, you’ll get a better range of motion and the stretch will feel better. Not only this, but stretching from cold is far more likely to result in injury.

Warm ups will differ from person to person, some people can just do 20 jumping-jacks and be good to go, others may need a good 10 minute warm up. Find a good warm up that works for you and you’ll see improvement in your stretching.

3: Stretch Properly – Technique Is Everything

If you’re like me, then you spend copious amounts of time watching videos on YouTube about stretching and how to get into a move fast.

For me, it was and still is splits stretches. I’ve watched loads of videos on how to get into my splits quickly and I was almost there! Then my pole dance instructor told me I wasn’t square.

At first I was confused. “Square”?

What being square means is that your hips are both pointing forward. So she squared my hips, and instead of being a few inches off the ground, I’m actually closer to 12 inches off the ground. Now I’m trying to be really cautious about keeping my hips square, but the rule applies to all stretching.

If you don’t stretch properly you could injure yourself, or be really disheartened when your form is corrected and you’re actually farther away that you thought.

Being flexible is a fairly large part of being a Pole Dancer, especially if you want to compete and do well. Unfortunately, unless you’re one of those people who are naturally flexible, you have to really work at your stretching. I’ve only been pole dancing for a short while, and yet I’ve noticed that my range of motion has gotten bigger, and that’s without stretching every day!

If you stretch every day and really work at it and maintain proper form, then you can achieve your goal move! Just please be aware of your body. If your body says stop, stop! And with perseverance you will reach your goal.

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About Gemma Kowatch

I’m a 20 year old pole dancer, student, and knitter. I started dancing after a family friend went through a session and loved it. I tried pole once and was hooked! I had been working out in a gym for about 2 years prior to pole dancing.

I have scoliosis by my shoulder blades and was worried that the pole might aggravate it, but if anything, pole has healed my back.

Pole has given me so much confidence in myself, that when anyone starts talking about working out and how the gym isn’t working for them anymore, I immediately tell that person to try pole dancing. I think that every person (man or woman) should try pole dancing at least once.

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  1. Knonymous says:

    That little guy is so cute! I’ve never thought of using pillows. What a great idea! I’ve been using my dance pole to do a split as low as comfortable while holding the pole for support. I also place my foot high up on the pole with my leg as straight as possible and try to inch forward a little. Its really hard to keep that leg mostly straight. I’m going to try this pillow technique. What a great idea. Now I can finally put those kitchen chair covers to use lol. Thanks for e great advice and motivation

  2. Rose says:

    I used to get headache 3 to 4 times a month which lasts for 2 to 3 days but since I started pole fitness, my regular headache disappeared. Few years ago, my doctor told me that I have scoliosis, maybe that is the cause of my headache? I dont know. But I think that the health professionals should study pole fitness if it is really helping the conditions of patient that is suffering scoliosis.

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